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Posted by: 19.08.2018

Best photo editors for iPhone and iPadGreetings to you, dear fans of Apple Gadgets, such as - iPad and iPhone (iOS). In today's article we will talk about very interesting and unique software tools for these unusual devices. It will be about applications that allow you to edit, adjust and, in general, produce various graphical manipulations with your photos. Such programs, most often called - photo editors.

In this article, I tried, as far as possible, to make TOP 3 a selection, which included, in my opinion, the best photo editors for iPhone and iPad (iOS), not free. In fact, all applications of this kind are universal, i.e. fit: for both an iPhone smartphone and an iPad tablet computer (iOS).

Naturally, all the applications that are included in the proposed below, the selection got there for a reason, I didn’t choose “at random”, but the best one, according to the following criteria, you can familiarize yourself with these criteria, I thought that they were the ones that characterize the best tool (photo editor) for iPad and iPhone gadgets (iOS):

  • Wide range of editing tools and features.. A good photo editor program, in my opinion, should have wide functionality. Since now Apple iPad and iPhone (iOS) gadgets are almost as powerful as personal computers, then the program functionality should be appropriate. Of course, this point is rather controversial, someone thinks that a good mobile application should perform strictly one function, well - this is also, to some extent, correct. What do you think? I would be grateful if you share your opinion on this matter in the comments to this article.
  • Clear interface. Besides the fact that the program must have wide functionality, it must necessarily have an intuitive interface. So that even a novice user can figure out the work of the program, who has never come across such applications before;
  • Pleasant appearance, thoughtful, to the smallest detail, design. Whoever, whatever may say, and the appearance of the mobile application - is one of the indicators of the quality of this application. Whether an application is at least a hundred times functional, but if its design was done poorly by the developers, or, as they say, “on the knee,” then, in my subjective opinion, such an application does not deserve attention. Of course, this point, as well as the first, is undoubtedly controversial, so let everyone remain with his opinion.

So, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the result of my work - a selection of cool applications for editing images and your photos. Links to download all of the applications below are under the respective headings. To download an application you like right away to your iPad or iPhone (iOS) mobile device, you need to click on the suggested links directly from your Apple device..

Photoshop Touch

Link to the program

Photo Editor for iPad and iPhone - Photoshop Touch

Everyone, even very far from computer technology, knows what Photoshop is. This word, in our country, has long become synonymous with such things as: photomontage, fake photos, etc. Although the possibilities of this wonderful program go far beyond the falsification of photos, many characterize it as a program made for this purpose. I, in general, believe that he is the best.

I want to present to your attention a version of the popular program for mobile gadgets iPhone and iPad (iOS) - Photoshop Touch. Of all the enormous features of the program, I would like to highlight and highlight the following:

  • It is possible, as in the computer version, to use layers, brushes and many more different, so beloved, tools for us;
  • The ability to group and combine images for later editing;
  • The program, which is rare for mobile photo editors, supports work with files in high resolution.

Link to download the program is located above.


Link to the program

Photo Editor for iPad and iPhone - iPhoto

Another great photo editor program for gadgets iPhone and iPad (iOS). The main difference of the program is ease of use, literally with just a touch of your finger you can transform your photos beyond recognition. I would like to especially note the following functions of the application:

  • A large library of various effects that can be quickly applied to your pictures and images;
  • Multi-Touch editing necessary elements on your photo;
  • Built-in tool to improve the quality of photos and various images.

The link to the photo editor is above, under the heading.


Link to the program

Photo Editor for iPad and iPhone - Photogene

Excellent photo editor application for processing and editing photos on your iPad or iPhone (iOS). Of all the features of this software tool, I would like to mention the following:

  • The application has an autosave feature that will allow you not to lose the current progress;
  • Impressive base filters for photos;
  • The ability to scale images and photos.

Today, this is all, I hope you have chosen for yourself the best or just a good iPhone or iPad photo editor.

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