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Posted by: 19.12.2017

Top iPad and iPhone AppsEveryone wants to buy only the best applications for the iPad, which would be high-quality, convenient, and most importantly - multifunctional.

Programs are released daily, but which of them are the most favorite among iPad owners (2, 3, 4) and iPad mini?

Imo - all for communication

Link to the application

Application for iPad and iPhone - IMO

In the nomination “best programs” Imo takes one of the most honorable places. It can be found in the section “Free apps”, Which only adds to its advantages and causes the owners of iPad mini and versions (2, 3, 4) to install it on their device. So what is the essence of this application?

Main functionality

Who needs paid chat rooms when there are free programs like Imo? This simple program unites in itself just a lot of opportunities, but the main one is the opportunity to chat with your friends, exchange messages and photos with them.

Like many other similar programs created for the iPad (2, 3, 4) and mini, it has a simple interface, ideal for use on a tablet. But one of the main advantages is free SMS and calls (as well as high-quality video calls). You just need to be connected to the Internet - and you can forget about the monthly fee and chat with your friends until the battery is dead.! True, she will do it soon, the application does not spend a lot of energy thanks to a simple appearance. Well, and do not forget to tell friends who have iPad mini or (2, 3, 4) to install this program.

Additional new features

In connection with the advent of the operating system iOS 8, Imo 5.2 version was released. With it, you can send different media files directly to friends from your contact list. In addition, the application was created just a lot of beautiful and funny stickers, both animated and static, which can be used in communication.

Other best features of this program include synchronization with popular social networks such as Skype, Facebook and Google.. In addition, you can save your correspondence just by creating an account within the application, so you will never lose anything!

Application flaws

Disadvantages? It simply has no flaws, because it is from the “best programs” section! You will not find another one for iPad (2, 3, 4). The only drawback may be that some of your friend may not have an Imo, but this is easy to fix, because the messenger is free!

DocWallet - security for your documents

Link to the application

Application for iPad and iPhone - DocWallet

If you do not like paid applications, but are in dire need of high-quality protection of your data, install DocWallet on your iPad (2, 3, 4). The positive aspects of the program are simply exciting.:

  • high-quality file protection;
  • synchronization with all devices on iOS;
  • a unique and secure way to encrypt data;
  • the ability to set passwords;
  • support all popular file formats.

You just need to say this application to your iPad (2, 3, 4) - and you can be sure that other free (and even paid) programs will not protect your data like DocWallet. Unfortunately, only images can be encrypted on the tablet, but if you install the program is also on the computerthen any file can be processed and encrypted in minutes.

Isn't that the best prospects when you need to protect something from prying eyes?? In addition, like many other non-paid applications, DocWallet has an easy-to-understand interface, so you can quickly and easily learn how to protect your personal information on the iPad (2, 3, 4).

Evernote - for notes and much, much more

Link to the application

IPad and iPhone App - Evernote

The best ways to not forget to do something is to repeat a task for yourself many times, or simply to write it down. But where to write something, if you live in a frenzied rhythm and dragging a lot of papers and notebooks behind you does not represent an opportunity? Of course, in your iPad (2, 3, 4), and for this you need only one application - Evernote.

Why choose Evernote?

Popular applications for the iPad (2, 3, 4) are available in large numbers, there are among them paid ones, but everyone is attracted only by applications for which you do not need to pay. Just downloaded - and use at your pleasure. And the best programs provide for these purposes Evernote.

Evernote, like other synchronization programs, helps you monitor media files on your iPad (2, 3, 4) with those on your computer. To do this, you need to:

  • install the program on iPad (2, 3, 4);
  • install it on a computer;
  • Create an account;
  • enjoy!

Since the iPad (2, 3, 4) has long become our indispensable daily companion, the best qualities of the Evernote app are hard to miss. Its main function is to create notes. And believe me, these will be the best notes that you can combine handy notepads, create different categories and explore the full potential of the program for a long time. For example, the capabilities of this application allow you to create notes on a photo or in PDF files, but you will always find them using a search! And in the notepad of the program, you can mark the tasks that you have already completed, and of course write new ones! And do not forget about the synchronization of the application with a computer and other devices based on iOS 7.

In addition to these useful program features, you can:

  • record and save ticket reservations;
  • use the functions of the application at any time, because it can work without the Internet;
  • record any information at any time;
  • Record data about people, for example, from business cards;
  • Quickly find any information you need by keywords.

This application has really a lot of features for free, because you should pay attention to it.. It will help you organize your life and not forget about something very important.

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