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Posted by: 27.11.2017

Modern mobile phone has long ceased to perform the role of a simple "dialer". This is a miniature portable gadget with the functionality of a personal computer, which is very well felt in the example of the iPhone. This smartphone is the flagship for the entire industry, and its owners have the opportunity to install the most diverse software. Applications are so numerous and diverse that it is quite difficult to determine the best. For their review, you will need hundreds of pages of printed text, so this article will focus on certain categories of software.

Business and office programs

With almost 100% confidence, it can be argued that the owner of an iPhone smartphone is an active member of society, and its daily schedule is full of diverse meetings and activities. In such conditions, he will definitely need programs for working with office programs, document flow, and case planning.

Sleep as an Droid

The first, deserving of special attention, the representative of this group is the scheduler and task manager Wunderlist. It allows you to easily create projects and task lists, reminders of important dates and events. Tasks can be systematized, sorted into folders, attach various files to them, including documents. In each case, the opportunity to link comments and hashtags is provided free of charge.

Synchronization of data occurs in real time. If, for example, the application is distributed simultaneously on the iPhone and iPad, then the task on one of the devices automatically cancels it on the other.


When planning your own affairs and events, you cannot do without a coherent and functional calendar, which is Fantastical. This is an excellent alternative for standard software, which is distinguished by a whole range of interesting task planning solutions. In particular, one of its main advantages is the perception of a natural speech program. That is, if you set the task in the format “meeting the day after tomorrow at lunch”, then this period of time in a day will appear a reminder of the upcoming event.

Applications such as Fantastical have the ability to integrate with various map services, social network clients, password managers, etc.

Pages and Numbers

These solutions are part of the iWork for iPhone package. This is a mobile alternative for Microsoft products - Word and Excel.

Pages allows you to view and edit text files. It is distinguished by the ability to work with different resolutions (doc, pdf). Also, there is the practice of importing and exporting data from other programs of the iWork suite, editing various graphical components.

Numbers, in turn, does an excellent job with the processing of spreadsheets. It is possible to create tabular data, formulas, calculation algorithms, graphs. As in the previous case, there is the possibility of mutual integration within the iWork complex. Fully compatible with Excel format.

KyBook 2

The objectives of this application include viewing e-books in a variety of formats (EPUB, FictionBook, RTF, TXT, PDF, DJVU, ComicBook, AudioBook). The software gives the owner access to OPDS and Liters directories. Downloading books is possible through popular cloud services (Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex Disk).

Navigation shell

IPhone owners can make extensive use of map services, including GoogleMaps, Sygic, iGO, CityMaps 2Go, Mapcam / Arrow, Yandex.Maps, Navitel.

Yandex maps

These are uniquely the best maps in the CIS, integrated into the interface. You can work with information online / offline, it is possible to save data. For motorists perfect software shell Yandex. Navigator, using actual map data for route planning. It is quite informative, easy to use and for perception.

Google Maps

The main competitor of the product from Yandex and definitely the leader in the field of free cartography for smartphones and stationary devices. One of the main advantages of this application is the ability to save all routes by default (it can be disabled at will).


Another alternative to cartography from Yandex, which can be downloaded and installed via the AppStore service. Unlike the competitor, this product is paid. The visual interface is beautiful: it is possible to rotate, rotate, scale the map. There is also a routing function with reference to the type of movement (by car, bicycle, on foot).

Mapcam / Arrow

This is one of the best, if not the best applications for motorists. Those who often encounter radars on the road, these iPhone software - a great solution to the problem. Such anti-radars are indispensable for owners of apple gadgets in a long journey.

Audio, video, photo

Modern mobile phones are a kind of multimedia complexes with great potential. In this category, the owner of the gadget available applications for viewing, listening, editing audio, video and photo content.


This is a software that allows you to search for your favorite audio tracks and tracks using their short fragments.

To recognize the track, just launch Shazam, bring the smartphone to the sound source and wait until the program algorithms recognize it. This is just a godsend for all radio listeners who, after listening to music, are puzzled in search of a song on the Internet.


A distinctive feature of this player is the ability to download video files without the iTunes service, which significantly expands the capabilities of the iPhone owner. To use the application, it is enough to set up a wireless Wi-Fi network through a software interface. Also, there is support for remote communication with other gadgets.


This is one of the most interesting players for gadgets from Apple, which distinguishes support and, in fact, work with cloud data services. The software works with almost all popular file storages, which qualitatively distinguishes it from the competition. There is the possibility of generating and creating playlists.


Perfect for recording video files, being, in fact, the best solution in this area. In terms of functionality and quality of the result, this program is much better than regular applications for iPhone owners. There is a large number of settings that allows you to use the software, both amateurs and professionals.


If you look for the best programs for working with images on the iPhone, then Pixelmator will definitely be heading this rating. Not really going into details, we can conclude that this product is a mobile analogue of Photoshop, due to its functionality.

360 view

This is one of those products that will help the owner of the gadget to maximize the use of regular camera resource in terms of creating panoramic images and compositions. Sufficiently functional software, which is still very sensitive to the level of illumination of the subject.

Internet and communication

The ability to access the world wide web via wireless networks is one of the main advantages of modern mobile gadgets. If you analyze the best solutions in this category, then you definitely need to highlight such applications as:

  • Pocket. This is a program that allows you to save media content to your local storage for later viewing offline.

  • Flipboard. Undoubtedly, a leader in the search for interesting information on the web. To start collecting data you just need to specify the subject. There is support for likes, which improves the accuracy of data retrieval.

  • iCatcher! If you look for programs to subscribe to news channels, then this is undoubtedly one of the best representatives in this category. Support gestures, data synchronization, AirPlay - a small fraction of the advantages of software.

  • Foursquare. This is one of the clients of social networks, which allows you to be constantly aware of all the events of the virtual world.

Naturally, there is support on the iPhone for other equally popular products, such as Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype and others.

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