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Posted by: 20.04.2018

Relatively recently, Microsoft Office c has become available for iOS, namely for Apple iPad tablets. Application functionality is similar to PC versions.

Hello everyone, fans and owners of a tablet computer from the company Apple - iPad (iOS). Today we will talk about office programs, namely applications available within the office suite from Microsoft - Office (Office).

I will also tell you where you can get Microsoft Office for iPad (office) and in general for iOS. Office for iOS (office) iPad, in fact, is a very useful thing, with its help you can open office documents, such as: Word files, Excel documents and PowerPoint presentations. Well, okay, what I'm telling you, because since you are looking for similar iOS applications (office), then most likely you know about all its advantages and you need it for a particular business.

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The Microsoft Office suite for iOS (office), and more specifically for the iPad tablet, includes three applications, namely:

  • Word - A program to open office documents in the .DOC Word format. What can we say, if eighty percent of all working documents are in this format, the format of a Word document;
  • Excel - here it is - an indispensable tool in the office. With it, reports, calculations and much more are done;
  • Power point - in my opinion the most popular program for creating simple and at the same time beautiful and functional presentations.

Well, now more specifically about each proposed tool. For each application, a small description is given, as well as links to download the iOS program from the office package from the App Store.


Link to the program

Word for iPad
As I have already said, Word (included in the office package) is a program for reading and creating text documents in the .DOC Word format, such documents (in this format) are very popular among office workers. The figure has already been announced that almost all office documents, or about 80% of all documents in this format (DOC Word).

If the office is a second home for you, and you are an office worker or for some reason you need to periodically open any .DOC documents on your iPad, then a special application, Microsoft Office for iPad, will help you. Below I list all the benefits of Word for iPad.:

  • Edited or created on a tablet computer, you can easily open documents on a regular desktop, personal computer, and they will look the same as they did on the iPad;
  • The ability to add SmartArt objects such as: tables, graphs, charts and more;
  • The automatic saving of a Word document allows you, even if the device crashes, not to lose important documents and the progress of creating a document;
  • All the excellent features of Word for PC are transferred to the iOS version of Word for iPad: choosing the right font, text formatting, pictures, tables, page layout, as well as footnotes, all this is available in the mobile Word;
  • Built-in ability to send the finished document by e-mail. Send the document to your e-mail and get access to it from all devices that have access to the Internet in order to download the sent file from the e-mail.

Of course, not all features of the mobile iOS version of Word for iPad are listed above.. In order to evaluate all the possibilities, you can download the free version of the program from the link above.


Link to the program

Excel for iPad
The program for viewing and creating spreadsheets, which is included in the office package. This tool is very popular in the office environment. This is not surprising, because with it you can solve a huge number of different tasks. If you keep records of something, then this program will be simply indispensable to you. So, a few features of the mobile iOS version of the wonderful application - Microsoft Excel:

  • Documents created or edited on the iPad version of this tool will also, correctly, be displayed on all other devices, for example, on a regular desktop personal computer;
  • All the charms of the standard version of Excel are transferred to the mobile iPad version: graphs, charts, formulas, hyperlinks and much more;
  • The program saves the current progress of work on the document, which allows you to not lose important data even if your iPad crashes;
  • The program interface is very similar to the PC version interface, which will allow you to quickly learn how to work with the application, provided that you have already worked in the PC version of Excel.

The download link for the free iPad version of this tool can be found above..

Power point

Link to the program

PowerPoint for iPad
The program for creating simple and at the same time beautiful and functional presentations, iOS is included in the office package. I bet that you have already met with this tool. So let's quickly go over all the features of this iPad application.:

  • Edited or created on iPad presentations will be correctly and identically displayed on all devices, including the desktop personal computer. Create presentations on the device, on which it is convenient;
  • The presentation is automatically saved, which allows you not to lose progress if you accidentally close the application;
  • All the best features of the PC version of PowerPoint are implemented in the iPad version of the program, work in the mobile version of the application in the same way that you worked on a desktop personal computer.

Today, that’s all; here’s a review of Office tools for iOS (office) and iPad..

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