TOP 3 Text Editors for iPad

Posted by: 16.03.2018

Text editor - a program with which you can create and edit text documents. The iPad has created a huge number of editors.

IPad text editorGreetings to you, dear fans of the iOS operating system (am I right?) And, undoubtedly, the happy owners of a tablet computer based on this operating system - the iPad. In today's article we will talk about text editors, will be considered as free editors, and paid editors. Completely free to get a good editor, to my great regret, does not work out, because really good and functional tools, editors cannot be obtained for free, even with free, at first glance, programs, built-in purchases are provided, and whether to use them or not, everyone decides for himself.

Each program, for my own, original, TOP, I selected according to the following principles (if you do not agree with any criterion that I used to select the surveyed tools, then you can share your opinion in the comments to this small note, comments are at the bottom of this page, in order to leave a comment, do not forget to log in to the social network “In Vkontak”, it is with the help of it that the commenting process on the site is implemented):

  • Functionality of the program. Each editor that falls into this selection should not only be functional, it should be one of the best: both in terms of the set of functions, capabilities, and the nature of their implementation in the final application, in this case we are talking about a text editor. At this point in time, iPad tablets are as powerful as some personal computers, respectively, and the requirements for iPad programs should be appropriate. The word processor (editor) should work quickly, without brakes and “glitches”. As the saying goes: “Must understand the owner at a glance”;
  • Intuitive interface. The editor should have a simple and clear, even for a novice user, interface. All tools should be visible, every function that is commonly used by the authors, should be just a click away. The interface should be thought out with such precision and miscalculation that a novice user, who has never used text editors on tablet computers before, should start typing at the first start not worse than a real writer;
  • Appearance and thoughtful design. You must admit that it is much more pleasant to use a tool whose surface is made “not on the knee”, but has a thoughtful design that is adjusted to the millimeter. I think that there will be no opponents here, well, except that they are completely obsessed with steep functionality. For some reason unknown to me, the majority of application developers on the iPad smoothly omit this moment, making their own, albeit functional, but completely ugly programs. I particularly took this moment into account when compiling the compilation, which you can observe below.

So let's finish the lyrical digressions and talk about the editors themselves on the iPad. Each editor from the selection below is provided with a link to download it in the mobile app store - App Store. Attention: I recommend to follow the links offered below directly from the iPad tablet computer so that you have the opportunity not only to familiarize yourself with the description of each software tool, but also immediately download it to your iPad.

Microsoft Word

Link to the program

IPad Text Editor - Microsoft Word

I simply could not start my review of the editors with this tool. The Word editor is truly the king among test editors, both among ordinary desktop personal computers and tablet computers, including the iPad. But let me not sing the praises of praise, but let me turn to the overview of the main features and functions that attracted me. I have identified three particularly interesting features.:

  • The editor supports such useful tools as SmartArt tools. This is a set of graphic elements familiar to many since the days of the ordinary Word. Use in your documents: graphics, charts, footnotes and other beautiful graphic design;
  • Created using the mobile Word editor, documents will open perfectly and be edited on platforms such as: Windows or Mac. Agree, this function is of great importance for those people who are going to use the created document not only on the iPad, but also, for example, on Windows;
  • Auto save document. Sometimes, when I print something, almost always the issue of saving escapes me, I simply forget to save the document and as a result of an emergency shutdown, sometimes I lose all the data. In this case, it does not threaten you.

The link to download the document is above.


Link to the program

IPad Text Editor - Textilus

Text editor allows you to work with a large variety of document formats. I will highlight the following advantages:

  • The editor “can” work with such formats as: MS Word, Open Office, etc .;
  • An unusual opportunity, although I don’t know how useful it is, but still I singled it out into a separate item. With this application you can sign your documents with your finger. How to use this opportunity, think for yourself;
  • Export created documents to a large number of formats, such as: PDF, ePub, HTML, RTF and many others.

The link to download the application from the App Store is located under the heading above.


Link to the program

IPad Text Editor - Pages

When I bought my iPad, when I activated the iOS operating system, I was offered to download this application (editor) for free, although at that time it cost about ten dollars. From the advantages and capabilities of this iPad application, I want to note the following:

  • The ability to animate the contents of your documents using various interactive graphs;
  • Built-in spell checker, though, this item today, no one is particularly surprised;
  • The program allows you to find out the full statistics on the document: the number of characters, words, etc.

Today, this is all, I hope you have chosen a good editor for your iPad tablet computer.

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