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Posted by: 31.08.2018

Accounting for household expenses is one of the most important principles of saving money. With the help of programs for the iPhone and iPad, you can easily save your money.

Accounting for home expenses on the iPhone, iPadGreetings to you, dear lovers of devices on the operating system iOS (iPhone, iPad). In today's article we will talk with you about this topic, which, in the most direct way, applies to all users of apple devices. Namely - home accounting.

Of course, the topic of money and savings is very interesting and requires various actions from a person, to some extent limiting it in something, for example, if you want to buy a new TV, then you will have to abandon the new iPhone, etc. Therefore, in this article, I made a selection of programs for iOS (iPhone; iPad) that will help you to do accounting and save money on household expenses to a great extent, and the saved money can be spent on a new TV or iPhone from iPad, everything is simple.

So, before you are three, in my opinion, the best programs for recording expenses on devices with the iOS operating system.


Link to the application

CoinKeeper program
In my opinion, CoinKeeper is the best and most convenient application, for iPhone and iPad, of its kind. Accounting for household expenses in the program is so simple that even a child can handle it.

From the features of this application, I would like to note the following points:

  • Beautiful and intuitive interface, which is not only convenient to do accounting, but also a pleasure to work. For most - this is the main, but not the only advantage. What else do you need? Simple and beautiful;
  • Built-in tool helps you to accumulate the required amount of a particular purchase. I use this function myself, so I recommend it;
  • Protect your data with a password. Agree, convenient, and for some vital function;
  • The ability to backup data that allows you not to lose your information when you uninstall the program.


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CashTrails Program
Very functional, although not as beautiful as the previous one, a program that keeps track of income and expenses. Many users choose this tool precisely because of its wide possibilities that will satisfy even the most fastidious and meticulous user. Of all the advantages of this application, I would like to note the following:

  • Support a large number of different accounts, which makes the program even more convenient;
  • Ability to add images to records. This opportunity can be considered, simply, a huge plus. For example, you can photograph and attach checks to records;
  • The ability to display various reports, which will make your savings not only convenient, but also visual. You can use the trend of spending and income;
  • The program supports a large number of different currencies, which is undoubtedly useful when traveling abroad.


Link to the application

MoneyBook program
A very popular program for cost accounting on devices based on the iOS operating system (iPnone, iPad). First of all I want to note, rather, the high-quality design of this application. Compared to CoinKeeper, then the MoneyBook app has a stricter design, which fits very organically into the design of the iOS 7 operating system on the iPhone and iPad. From the advantages of this tool I would like to note the following:

  • The ability to view statistics of your income and expenses using beautiful, animated graphics;
  • The ability to export all data to the popular CSV format;
  • Backing up data, making your accounting safe;
  • Protect your data with a password. As I said above - this feature, for some, is very useful and necessary.

At this point I finish this selection, I hope, now accounting will be for you a simple and enjoyable exercise.

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