A selection of VK applications for the iPhone and iPad

Posted by: 27.09.2018

Vkontakte application for iPhone and iPadHello everyone, dear lovers and users of great gadgets based on the iOS operating system - iPhone and iPad. In today's article we will talk about various applications from the social network. VKontakte for iPhone and iPad. I will review two applications that allow you to interact with VC from your iPhone or iPad. Both considered applications serve different purposes and solve certain tasks.

You are most likely aware that at one time the administration of the AppStore was removing applications from the social network Vkontakte. The reason is difficult to call. But apparently, the two large companies had disagreements, which resulted in the removal of the application from the AppStore. After some time, the application was returned, then deleted again. In general, this epic with the removal / restoration of applications for the iPhone and iPad lasted a very long time.

Now, it seems, everything has already “settled down” and a good application has become available to ordinary users.. As I said earlier, in this little material I will analyze two applications. All considered applications are free, links will also be available in the description.

VK App

Link to the application

Vkontakte application for iPhone and iPad - VK App

The official app from the social network Vkontakte for your iPhone and iPad. Download it until it is removed again, which, as I said above, happens with enviable regularity. The application allows you to get, in a convenient way, access to your messages, friends, videos, music and other VK features. Of all the obvious advantages of the official application, I want to highlight the following three:

  • Easy navigation by features. With this application it is much more convenient to "sit" on the social network Vkontakte from your mobile iOS device - iPhone and iPad. All the necessary functions are right at hand, no need to make any extra movements.
  • Convenient communication. Through this application it is very convenient to communicate with friends and acquaintances on the social network Vkontakte.
  • Listening to music and watching videos. The application will allow you to easily search and listen to various musical compositions. The ability to listen to the song in the thirty-second version, followed by downloading to the phone's memory from iTunes.

As I already mentioned, the program is free, you can download it from the AppStore via the link published above this text.. To download the program, click on the link provided by your iPhone or iPad.


Link to the application

Vkontakte application for iPhone and iPad - VFeed
This is your personalized news reader for iPhone and iPad. As you most likely have already guessed, the content, i.e., the news application downloads from the social network Vkontakte. Very handy thing if you want to constantly keep abreast of the latest news. Of all the advantages I note the following:

  • News by topic. With this application you can select news only on topics that interest you. Agree, very convenient.
  • Reposts. There is an opportunity to share news with your friends using repost.
  • Bookmarks. The application has the ability to bookmark the most favorite posts in order not to lose them in the general news feed in the future.

Download the app You can follow the link I posted above.

Today, this is all, I hope you enjoyed my selection of Vkontakte applications and you were able to download a suitable tool for yourself..

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