Where iOS firmware is stored in iTunes

Posted by: 26.02.2018

Hello everyone, dear users of the wonderful devices from the company Apple: a mobile smartphone iPhone or tablet computer iPad. In today's article I will tell you where the firmware for your mobile gadget is stored, which, when updated, iTunes downloads to your computer.

As I said above, when updating the firmware (operating system) of your gadget: an iPhone mobile smartphone and iPad tablet computer, iTunes downloads the latest iOS of the iOS operating system to your personal computer.. The iOS operating system has a size of more than one gigabyte.

After iTunes downloads the iOS operating system to your computer, you can use it for various purposes, including flashing your mobile gadget.

Folder with firmware

So, below I publish the paths to the folders where the firmware downloaded via iTunes is located. I specify the paths to folders on different operating systems and versions.:

Windows XP: C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone (iPad) Software Updates

Windows 7 - c: \ users \ username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone (iPad) Software Updates

Mac OSX - \ username \ Libraries \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates (iPad)

Attention: in order for the folder in the Windows operating system to be visible you need to make some changes in the settings of the operating system. Go to the "Control Panel", then you need to select the "Folder Options". In order for this folder to be visible, you need to select the “Small icons” icon display mode (this mode can be selected in the upper right corner of the window).

In the settings of the "Folder Options" you need to select the "View" tab. Next, you need to go down to the bottom of the list that appears and select "Show hidden files and folders".

Show hidden files and folders


To conclude this little learning material, you need to complete the following steps.:

  • Run the program I hope iTunes has already installed this program on your computer. For the initial setup, you need to make the side menu visible. We need this in order to be able to manage the data and settings of your mobile gadget.
  • In the side menu you need to select the name of your gadget. This is done in the device field. After this operation, you will open a working field with the data of your iPhone or iPad.
  • In the field that opens, locate the “Update” button, hold down the SHIFT button and without releasing this button, click on the “Update” button. After this action, you need to select the folder where your firmware is stored (the paths to the folders you can see above). Select the required firmware and click the “OK” button. After a certain amount of time on your mobile gadget, the firmware (firmware) of the iOS operating system will be updated.

That's all for today, now you know where iTunes stores the firmware of the operating system.. I would be grateful if you leave a short comment on this article. To do this, use the comment form below.

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