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Posted by: 04.01.2018

9006 bug fix
Over the past few years, Apple has released all sorts of updates for its own devices. However, using completely free software versions, installing them on your own iPhone is not an easy task. Mobile devices in most cases, updates can inform the user about the problem, and then it will be much more difficult to cope with the trouble than before. Naturally, failures of various kinds arising from the restoration or renewal of the device are a serious nuisance, however, no one is insured against them.

This article will cover the story of 9006 Errors, which pops up in iTunes during the device update process - an iPhone (iPhone). Often this problem appears in aytyuns in the event that developers of third-party applications to provide provided not too high-quality content. Perhaps even the updates from the developers had flaws, which caused a significant problem during the update.

Symptoms of 9006 iTunes Error

The very first signs by which you can be sure that there is an 9006 error will be a problem with running the iTunes utility on the computer. And there may also be a problem with the input to the official app store - the App Store (iTunes Store). Some people also complain that they could not even create backup copies, perform the synchronization process and perform many of the necessary manipulations associated with the device - the iPhone.
9006 iTunes Error Occurred

The first way to fix the problem

In particular, an ordinary correct update can help fix problems that appeared on the iPhone (including the correction of the 9006 error). However, in order to faithfully perform all actions, you must follow the tips below:

  • On the computer to set the correct date, as well as the current time;
  • Find out if there are administrator rights on the computer during the update of the device;
  • iTunes update up to the most current version for today;
  • Upgrade Windows components;
  • Update the security software;
  • If there is a need to reconfigure this software (antivirus);
  • For some time, turn off the anti-virus program and repeat the update process;

An 9006 error may also appear because a special entry is added to the registry, called TcpWindowSIze. It is the one that changes the size of the package in the operating system, and this serves as a conflict, which causes the 9006 error in iTunes.

The second way to fix the problem

If the actions performed did not give a result and the problem was not solved, then the following steps should be taken:

  • Check whether the connected network has access to ports such as: 80 and 443;
  • Ensure that access to update resources was not blocked by Windows defender or any other security utilities;
  • Delete the .ispw file and try the update again;
  • Perform the upgrade process using another computer (laptop).


Although the 9006 error is unfamiliar to a wide circle of people, ways to correct it have long been found by experienced experts. In most cases, these recommendations help to remedy the trouble that has arisen without the help of professionals, who take an impressive amount for it. However, if independent attempts did not succeed, a trip to the service center remains the only solution to the problem with the 9006 error during the iPhone update.

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