How can I get authorization of your computer in iTunes?

Posted by: 23.10.2017

ITunes is a free program that Apple has made for everyone. It was created for computers, or rather for their media system.

First of all, this program will help you make purchases in various mobile stores.

Many people are wondering how to authorize a computer in iTunes, and it is for such people in this article we will describe the authorization methods, as well as write them down in steps, detailing.

And so, how to authorize a computer in iTunes, but everything is very simple, carefully delve into each step of authorization.

First steps

To start the whole process, you will need to install the latest version of this program on your computer. Next, see each step in detail.:

  • First of all, you will need to connect to the Internet, then open the program you downloaded earlier. Your attention will be given the iTunes program window, try to read carefully;
  • If you are lucky, immediately after the first window, another one may come out, in which you will need to enter your ID address and a direct password, and that’s all, you are registered. But not everyone can get lucky and you will need to find a store in the menu, and then click on the authorization of your computer. After that, you will be in the window in which you need to enter your ID address and password.
  • Where the ID address will be written, you will need to enter the email address with which you created your account, and the password along the same lines.
  • After all the necessary information has been entered, the system will check everything, a button will appear, on which it is written, Authorization will be opened and you can safely press it and the authorization process will go ahead.

What are the advantages of authorization in this program?

In the event that your computer is authorized in iTunes, you will be able to:

  • Make a purchase of something, this will help you shop for Apple;
  • Download any video or music directly to your computer through the iTunes Store;
  • You will also be able to download any games or programs through the App Store.

Need to remember!

Next you need to remember and do not forget that to authorize a computer at one address many times is impossible. The maximum number of times reaches five, and no more. If you want to authorize the sixth computer, then you will have to say goodbye to one of the previous ones, or rather to deauthorize one of the computers.

This restriction was due to a decrease in video and music piracy. This kind of scheme was made to ensure that the illegal distribution of all kinds of programs, games, music was stopped..

You must pass the authorization, because in other cases you will not be able to download something from certain stores.

Summary of Deauthorization

A great way to deauthorize computers is to deauthorize them all together at the same time, that is, to deauthorize all five authorized computers. Such a function has the opportunity to join only once a year and no more than that. In order to deauthorize a computer, you will need to log in directly to your account, and then click the left mouse button on it.

Next, the system will give you a window, in it you will need to find the account column and click on it. After that, you also have a window in which you will need to enter your address and password.. Next, there will be a window with the information you need directly, in which all authorized computers are listed, you just need to find the column in which it is written about deauthorization and click on it.

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