How To Fix iTunes 11 Error

Posted by: 22.09.2018

How To Fix iTunes 11 Error
When working with the iTunes utility on a PC, users may experience certain errors when updating (restoring) the iPhone. A common problem was the occurrence of the 11 error in iTunes. Of course, every mistake is a significant harm to a PC or an apple device, especially if it is not possible to correct it. Therefore, often without the help of professionals, people want to restore the iPhone, having dealt with all the errors with his own hand. In this article, you can learn how to fix the 11 iTunes error at home.

Symptoms of 11 Error

  • The started program starts to close and pops up a message with the “11 Error”;
  • The computer automatically switches off when a current error occurs;
  • On the monitor in the right corner below you can see a line with the inscription - iTunes Error 11;
  • The operating system begins to respond slowly to user feedback;
  • The PC starts to hang up periodically for 10-15 seconds.

11 error may occur in several cases. This may be a reaction to a running program from Apple INC (for example, iTunes). The error can also occur when you turn off the computer, when you install the operating system, and so on. Before you begin to correct the error, it is necessary to identify its cause of occurrence, because this is an important part of the whole process.


  • A software called iTunes was installed incorrectly;
  • If you recently work related to the utility, the registry key that is directly related to iTunes could be damaged;
  • Virus software appeared on the computer, which affected the utility program files;
  • Another utility accidentally or maliciously deleted the files necessary for the correct operation of iTunes.

There are still many reasons why this error might have occurred, but these are actual and frequently encountered by users.

Fix iTunes 11 Error

Below are nine ways that should necessarily help in fixing the problem.

Step 1 - restore registry entries

Modifying the registry needs to be done very carefully, especially if you are not professionals in the field of "Computer Maintenance". Errors that can be made in editing registry keys can later be a problem when booting the entire computer. Even one extra point, put in the wrong place, can cause inoperability.

If you do not decide to manually edit, you can use paid utilities (for example, WinThruster) that help clean up the registry, thereby correcting the errors that occurred. These utilities are intended primarily to automate the entire process of searching for damaged entries in all registry sections, and fix them in a short period of time. The nice thing is that by eliminating registry errors, the user can improve the performance of the entire system.

Manual registry editing:

  1. Press two keys on the keyboard: "WIN" and "R";
  2. Enter the command “regedit” and press the Enter button;
  3. In the Registry Editor, you must select the key associated with iTunes, for it, a backup will be created;
  4. In the "File" tab, select "Export";
  5. A list will appear, select “Save to” and, respectively, select the folder where the iTunes key will be saved;
  6. The “Filename” field is filled out for personal reasons (for example, a backup copy of iTunes);
  7. You must make sure that the “Export Range” field is clogged with the value - “Selected Branch”;
    Click the save button;
  8. Now the computer has a backup associated with iTunes, the file was saved with a special extension - .reg.

The following steps to edit the registry will not be discussed in detail in this article, because each of them can bring incredible harm to the computer. You can familiarize yourself with them via the links below based on which operating system is installed on the PC:

Windows XP -

Windows 7 -

Windows Vista -

2 Step - Complete PC scan for malware

It is believed that it was malicious files that could be the cause of the 11 iTunes error. Fixing this problem is quite simple - you need to use antivirus software, run a full scan and wait for the results. If no anti-virus program has been previously installed on a PC, you must first install specialized software (for example, Kaspersky Anti-Virus).

3 Step - Delete temporary files from computer

Any computer over time becomes clogged with temporary files that are popularly called “excess garbage”. If you do not delete these unnecessary files in time, the speed of the computer will gradually decrease and various kinds of errors may appear. If you use the specialized Disk Cleanup utility, you can not only fix the 11 Error, but also increase the speed of the personal computer.

In addition, the standard utility, you can use other programs that are created specifically for this purpose. For example, the software - WinSweeper helps to remove temporary files and improve system performance. Running this program once a day allows you to keep your computer clean.

Run the necessary utility "Disk Cleanup" - cleanmgr:

  1. On the PC keyboard, press the following buttons “Win” and “R”;
  2. Enter the cleanmgr command and press Enter;
  3. Select a section where all the garbage is stored;
  4. Check the boxes next to the categories in which you need to carry out detailed cleaning and click on the OK button.

4 Step - Update Drivers on PC

11 error and a number of other problems may be caused due to the fact that the drivers on the computer are not updated. Relying on any of the drivers is not worth it, because they can work today, and already can stop working tomorrow, so it is strongly recommended to monitor them, not forgetting that developers are releasing updates. It is impossible to keep track of everything yourself, so it is strongly recommended to use software from Windows - DriverDoc. This utility will help update the drivers on your computer, automating the entire process.

5 Step - Repair Windows OS

At times, it is the recovery of the operating system that helps resolve the 11 error, as well as fix any other flaws that were found on the computer during use. "Returning to the past", you can restore many important files that will affect the work, making it correct.

The recovery process in the OS - Windows

  1. Click on the "Start" button;
  2. In the search box enter "System Restore";
  3. Select the item with the same name (in Windows 10, the item is called - Return the computer to its original state);
  4. Follow the instructions of the Assistant (Master);
  5. Recover the computer.

6 Step - Uninstall and New Install iTunes Utility

Sometimes banal removal of the program through the "Control Panel" and then reinstalling from the official Apple site helps to solve the 11 Error, which prevents you from starting the installation process of applications (games) on the iPhone, as well as updating (restoring) it.

7 Step - Check your computer for system errors

Sometimes due to the fact that system files appear that have been damaged, some processes in Windows do not start working properly (various errors appear, hangs start). Therefore, the developers of the operating system have implemented a special utility that is designed to scan sections, find corrupted files, fix them.

Run utility:

  1. Press the keys - “Win” and “R”;
  2. Enter the command - “sfc / scannow” and press Enter;
  3. Follow the tips of the Assistant;
  4. Checking these files can go a long time, you need to be patient, because this is one of the most current ways to fix the 11 iTunes error.

8 Step - Installing Available Updates for Windows

Microsoft is constantly refining operating systems, releasing a variety of updates, and therefore should be attentive to this point. After all, if you do not install an important update in time, you can witness the occurrence of an 11 error or any other problems. Install new updates is not difficult and even a newbie can handle this process.

Procedure for Upgrading Windows Components

  1. Click on the "Start" button;
  2. Enter in the "Search" - "Check for Update";
  3. Choose a suitable item with the appropriate name;
  4. Click on the button “Check for updates”;
  5. If there is an up-to-date version, click on the button “Download and install” (This action requires an Internet connection (preferably unlimited));
  6. To restart a computer.

9 Step - Installing Clean Windows

Re-installing Windows on a computer is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. It is necessary to understand that it is necessary to have basic knowledge in this area. Among other things - the files stored on local disks will be deleted, because you need to make a full installation of Windows. This is one of the topical ways that helps fix the 11 error, however, before starting to implement it, you should make sure that you have enough knowledge and skills to complete this process. Also, before installing, you should copy the necessary documents (images, files) to a memory card or external hard drive so that all information is not erased and it cannot be recovered.

If none of the suggested options helped to fix the 11 iTunes error, then there is a chance that the problem is due to a problem at the hardware level of the device. It will be necessary to diagnose the details, because of which this error may occur and then change them to new ones.


Nine methods were disassembled in detail, allowing you to effectively deal with the 11 iTunes error. Each of the suggested options is unique in its own way, and one of them can help in correcting this error, provided, of course, that the problem does not lie in the spare parts of the device itself, otherwise the suggested options will only help you speed up the speed of the computer, but not get rid of the annoying mistakes.

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