How to update the application via iTunes? Guide for dummies

Posted by: 15.02.2018

You do not know how to properly update the application through itunes? Having trouble finding the right resources and applications? Not sure what to do next? How to be in such situations?

Modern youth cannot be imagined without a smartphone. Applications installed on a mobile device help us brighten up leisure, plan a day, deal with expenses. Every year they become better and better, their functionality grows. New versions of applications downloaded for free or purchased in the AppStore appear almost every day.

Updates bring with them a ton of improvements, including increased productivity and new features. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you periodically update the app on your smartphone so that it works without problems. The easiest way to update the necessary application through iTunes on the computer.

Consider the steps to update a program using iTunes.:

Preparatory stage

First, the device should be in the hands of the company Apple, namely iPhone, iPodTouch or iPad. Phone on Android or WindowsPhone here obviously will not work. Secondly, you need iTunes installed on your PC.

Lead through him you will update your programs. Before updating, check if you downloaded the program in an official way. For Apple technology, this is important.

The stage of updating the application in the library

Be careful! Before updating the program on your Apple device, you should download the update via iTunes. But do not be discouraged! It is easy and quite easy to do, moreover, it will not take much time and effort. We outline some steps:

    • In the sidebar we find a category called “Programs”. When you click on a menu item, a list of previously downloaded applications from your Store appears. Find and click the item "Check for updates."
      If you still do not find this offer, then look for it in the lower right corner. If there are no new updates, then no action will occur. All your applications are in the current version. But if there are updates, the corresponding window will open, which will warn us about existing innovations.
    • If there is an update, you can do it in several ways. You can update one specific application separately (or all together). In the upper right corner of the window there is a button “Download all updates”. For the 1 update, click on the “Get update” button under the icon of the application you need.

How to update the application via iTunes

    • Upon completion of the procedure for updating the iTunes Library application, you will receive a notification. Click on the “Finish” button (“Done”), which is on the left.

How to update the application via iTunes

The stage of updating the program on the device

So, you have completed the procedure for updating the application through iTunes. But that is not all. The program should be updated on your "apple" device! This process is not new to you. In fact, it is similar to the procedure for installing a new application from the AppStore. What stages await you here?

  • Connect your favorite Apple device to your personal computer. The program after a few seconds will be able to determine it and start working with it. If the program detects a device successfully, pay attention to the “Devices” category on the side panel. Choose your device and manage it.
  • Go to the “Programs” tab and click “Update” opposite the application that you want to update accordingly.
  • At the end of our procedure, click on the "Apply" item located in the lower right corner of the program window. Now you can safely wait for the end of the data synchronization procedure between the device and the program on the PC. Successful and pleasant updates!
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