How to untie a bank card from Apple ID

Posted by: 02.12.2017

How to untie an Apple ID card
In the XXI century, more and more users are beginning to abandon such chips as Jailbreak and begin to faithfully acquire various games and applications in the official store from Apple. And therefore, if earlier people used iTunes to download music to an apple device, now, in order to purchase paid applications on your smartphone, you have to use a bank card to purchase applications in the App Store.

Previously, a bank card was not tied to by people in the account, but already now many people have a question: - “How to tie a card to an apple id”. It turned out to be simple, and the main thing is to follow the following recommendations in order to get the desired result.

How to link a bank card to an Apple ID account

Before following the recommendations below, a person must be a cardholder. Will suit both Visa Classic and Master Card. As soon as the necessary map has been selected on the page, you can proceed to filling in the necessary data so that it starts its operation in the user account.

Imagine that the card is already available, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Go to the “App Store” on the iPhone, select “Compilation”, go to the Apple ID item at the bottom, then select the “View existing Apple ID” menu item and click on the “Payment Information” line;

Filling data from the card in Apple ID
According to the rules of iTunes will need to specify the real data. So, you need to carefully examine your own card carefully, and then start filling in all the points. Namely, you need to enter your card number, security code (consists of three digits), and also indicate the expiration date of the existing card.

You can attach (link) a card of any bank, let it be Maestro or Visa, the main thing is not to confuse anything with the data, otherwise verification will fail and download, and buying applications from the App Store will be an impossible action.

How to untie (delete) a bank card from the App Store (iTunes)

Remove a bank card is not difficult, as well as attach it to your account.
Deleting a bank card from an Apple ID
After opening the settings on the iPhone, selecting the App Store item, you should move to the Collections, go to the Apple ID tab, click on “View Apple ID” and where there is a line - Information about the payment, select “No” there.

After the manipulation, the card information will be blocked and it will be impossible to make purchases in iTunes or the App Store.

This method is not valid. Please choose another payment method.

This problem is slipping quite often lately. The reason is simple, and dealing with it is as elementary as attaching an Apple ID card. It turned out that when a person registers his account, he can choose the country of residence, for example: “Kazakhstan”, and his payment card will belong to the Bank of Russia, therefore, confusion will occur, and agreeing with the iTunes policy (epple) the person should enter only true values. If there is such a problem and you don’t want to lose the accumulated purchases, you can simply modify the country of residence in your Apple ID account while preserving all purchased applications.


On this instruction on the binding of a bank card to Apple ID, as well as its removal came to a logical conclusion. Having examined such simple processes in detail, you can easily perform this action yourself, without the help of any experts. At first, the interface of Apple mobile devices seems insane, but if you look into them, then there are no problems when performing any action on your device.

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