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How to use itunesGreetings to you, dear fans of gadgets from a wonderful company - Apple. Since you have come to read this small but useful instruction, then most likely you are becoming more advanced user of your device and you are interested in the question “How to use iTunes”, and use the program correctly.

In this manual (instructions) I will try to describe the principles of working with iTunes in the most detailed and understandable way, tell you where it can be downloaded for free, how to install, customize the look, so that it is convenient to use it, and also tell you how to throw it on iTunes Your Apple device various files: books, videos, movies, music and games.

So, choose the section you need below and start studying it..

ITunes primarily serves to control your tablet or other Apple device on a personal computer. The operating system of the personal computer used for work, in fact, is not important, it can be both Windows and Mac OS. Re-flashing (changing the version of the operating system) is also performed using the tool - iTunes.

If you want to learn iTunes from the basics, then for a start, it would be useful for you to find out: on which resource you can download this useful, necessary tool..

Where to download the program

In order to answer the question “How to use iTunes” as fully as possible, you need to say about the site where you can download it. You can download iTunes, completely free and free, on the official Apple resource. To download just follow this link - then, following the simple instructions on the site, download the program to your personal computer.

It's important: Do not download the program from third-party sites other than Otherwise, you risk not only infecting your personal computer with a Trojan program or virus, but also spoil the device itself.

After you download the file with the program you need to run it, after launch it will start install iTunes, follow the instructions that will appear on your screen.

Appearance is very important

So, the program you downloaded and installed. Run it and let's proceed to the tincture of its appearance. Appearance needs to be customized first of all in order to make it more convenient for you to use it, so that all the necessary buttons and menus in the work are always “at hand”.

The very first thing we will do before moving on to the topic “How to use itunes” is to make the main menu bar visible.. This is necessary so that all the necessary tools and functions are before our eyes, and not hidden in the depths of the program. In order to make the menu bar visible, you need to press the CTRL + B key combination. If you have performed this simple operation, you can proceed to the next step in setting the appearance.
Now, by analogy with the menu bar, we will make the side menu bar visible. This is necessary for us to see all the “insides” of the program. Also using this menu we will upload various files to the device. To make the sidebar visible, press CTRL + C.

Uploading files to the device

We turn to more complex and interesting things in the topic “How to use itunes” - to download files (video, audio, books) to your device. To do this, you need to consistently perform the following steps:

  • Launch iTunes and connect your Apple device to a personal computer (on which iTunes is installed). You can connect the gadget using the USB cable that came with your device;
  • In the side menu (with which we worked in the previous section) find the “Media Library” field and select the necessary folder corresponding to the files you are going to upload to the device. For example: if you want to download music files to your device, then select the “Music” folder, if you download books, then select the “Books” folder, etc .;
  • After selecting the desired folder, the workspace should appear to the right of the side menu. You need to transfer to this area those files that you want to add to the device (by analogy with how you transfer files from a folder to a folder on a computer);

After you transfer all the files to your iTunes library, they will not appear on the device right away, for this you need to sync iTunes with your mobile device. If two options for synchronization which you will learn in the next section of the article.

Sync options

You can sync your device and iTunes, as mentioned above, in two ways. Below you can see each of the methods separately.

Using cable

Perform all the above steps correctly, in the order in which they are described.:

1. Connect your Apple device to your computer;

2. Launch iTunes;

3. In the side menu of the program, select your device;

Select a device in iTunes
4. In the work pane (located to the right of the side menu) find the “Synchronize” button and press it.

Sync iPad with iTunes
After the above steps, all files added to the library will be transferred to your gadget.

Using Wi-Fi

The second option to sync iTunes with your device is via a wireless Wi-Fi network. Two prerequisites: the presence of a Wi-Fi adapter on your personal computer and a working Wi-Fi on your device (in 99.99% of cases it works). So, let's get down to setting up the synchronization itself.

Setting up the program

1. Connect the device to the computer and run iTunes;

2. Select your device in the sidebar;

3. To the right of the side menu, in the workspace go to the “Overview” tab;

4. In the “Parameters” field, check the box next to “Sync this iPad over Wi-Fi”.
Sync this iPad over Wi-Fi

Sync from your device via Wi-Fi

1. Go to the settings of your device;

2. Select “Parameters”;

3. Select “Sync. from iTunes via Wi-Fi ”, then click the“ Sync ”button.

Sync with iTunes over Wi-Fi

Download games from the iTunes Store

In order for you to have the opportunity to download games and applications from the App Store, you need to have an Apple ID.

If you already have an Apple ID, then you can enter the App Store through iTunes, for this, select “iTunes Store” in the side menu.

Of course, this question “How to use iTunes” is not exhausted, but the information provided above will be enough for comfortable use of the program.

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