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Posted by: 24.08.2018

How to sync music in iTunesGreetings to you, the owner of an Apple gadget, such as the iPhone and iPad. In today's lesson we will talk with you on the topic of music, or rather how to manage music on your iOS devices through a free program from Apple - iTunes.

Many users of mobile gadgets from Apple choose this product largely because the quality of music playback on these devices is very good.. The sound is clear, loud, without extraneous noise and cracks, of course the headset (headphones) plays a big role, but this is not for now, let's talk another time.

So, I divided the article into three parts.:

  • Addition. In this part I will tell you how to add music files to iTunes, as well as how to clear (delete) the list of files in the program;
  • Management. In this section, we will talk about managing music in iTunes, namely: moving files, how to create a playlist, the option to display music files, etc .;
  • Synchronization. In this section, I’ll tell you how to sync data from iTunes with your Apple gadget without using complex layouts.


Before you start adding music (songs) to iTunes, you need to download this program. Link to the program - . Download the program and install it, I will not describe the installation process, because he is very simple. Go to adding music files through the program.:

  • Run the program and press the CTRL + S key combination to make the side menu visible, if the menu is already visible, then you do not need to press the keys;
  • In the menu that appears, in the “Media Library” field, select “Music”. After this action you will open a window with all the music files added to the library;
  • Next, prepare the music files that need to be transferred to your iOS device, select them, then you just need to drag (transfer) them to the “Music” window.

ITunes library
After the files are added to the library, you can upload (transfer) them to your Apple gadget, i.e. synchronize.

To remove all music files from the library - press CTRL + A, then press the “DELETE” key (delete) If you want to delete several files, select them and, also, press the “DELETE” key.


Also, in addition to adding music to your iTunes library, you can customize the settings and the way the music files are displayed, namely: all songs, albums, artists and genres. Choose as you like. In order to customize the display in the music field, select the necessary parameter at the top of the window; if you do not select the display parameter, the default option is “Songs”.

In order to create a new playlist in iTunes, you need to do the following: select all the music files you want to add to the new playlist, then right-click on them and select “Playlist from selected” Then you need to rename the new one playlist, create a new name.


So, we added the music (song), it remains to transfer, record (synchronize) the songs to your mobile device, this is done very simply:

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to PC;
  • In the sidebar, in the device field, select your gadget. Next, in the window that appears, select the “Overview” tab, go down to the bottom of the page and click the “Synchronize” button.

Sync library in iTunes
After some time, the synchronization will end, and the music will be available in your iOS device. It is added, about ten minutes. As you can see, synchronization is not difficult at all. If the music is not added, then try to sync it again.

Today, this is all, I hope you learned a lot of new and useful things for yourself.. Now you know how to: synchronize (synchronize) files, delete them, add (record) to the library, create a playlist, transfer songs to iTunes.

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