How to quickly add a book to your iPad or iPhone via iTunes

Posted by: 25.04.2018

How to download a book on iPad or iPhone via iTunesGreetings to you, dear lover of tablet computers iPad and mobile phones iPhone. In today's article, I will tell you how you can easily download (download) e-books on your iOS device. This process is very simple and will not take you much time, literally fifteen to twenty minutes.

Recently, the technology of mobile gadgets, in this case, the iPad and iPhone have leaped forward. Today, most people buy a brand new iPhone not to make calls, but to read books on the device, watch movies and listen to music. You must admit that it is very convenient - an entire library fits in your pocket. As for the iPad, it seems to be created for reading books. A large number of different readers, stylized as a bookcase, make the process of reading books not only fun, but also convenient.

Many owners of iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) have problems downloading various files (books, songs, movies) to their device, download (download) files to an iOS device, i.e. An iPad or iPhone is a whole problem. In connection with the peculiar policy of Apple (closed file system), it’s just that, by analogy with a hard disk, files cannot be dropped onto a device (added). In order to upload (add) the necessary files to the device, you will have to download (download) and install special software from Apple - iTunes. I’ll say right away that the program is absolutely free.

Before I show and talk about how to download (download) books to your device via iTunes, let's actually download and install the program itself, since it’s not so difficult.

Download iTunes

To download (download) the program we need, click on this link - Next, in the “E-mail” field, enter the address of your e-mail inbox and press the blue, large “Download” button. You will begin the process of downloading the program.

It's important: Download the program only from the official Apple website (link above). If you decide to download (download) the program from third-party sites, then you should not do this, otherwise you risk not only infecting your personal computer with a virus, but also ruin your mobile device iPad or iPhone.

After you download the installation file with iTunes, you need to run it. Follow the instructions on your screen to install the program.

Download books to your device

Immediately make a reservation that the format is dropped on iPad or iPhone books should be: PDF, ePub or TXT. It is desirable, of course - ePub. There are a lot of libraries offering books in ePub format, in these electronic libraries you can easily download (download) the book you need. To find such libraries, enter the following phrase in a search engine: “Books in ePub format”.

    • Launch iTunes and press the keyboard shortcut - CTRL + S, so you will make the sidebar visible, which, in turn, we will use to navigate through the library;
    • In the side menu, select the item “Books” and click on it. You will see a list of all books downloaded to your iPad or iPhone. If the books you have not downloaded, the list will be empty;
    • Transfer to this area all the previously downloaded books, just as you transfer files from a folder to a folder on your computer. By doing this, you can add as many books as you like;

Adding a book to iTunes

  • After you do this simple operation, the books will be added to your library. Now it remains to sync files in iTunes with files on your iPad or iPhone. Those. throw off (add) files on the device itself.


Connect your iPad or iPhone gadget to a personal computer (on which iTunes installed) using a USB cable (must be bundled with your device). Next, in the sidebar of iTunes, select your device, in the window that opens, find the “Sync” button and press it. After synchronization, the book you added will be available on your iPad or iPhone.

Sync iTunes and iPad

It's important: for reading books you will need iBooks program. It is absolutely free, you can download (download) it in the AppStore or iTunes Store.

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