How to add video to iPad or iPhone

Posted by: 02.11.2017

How to throw a movie on the iPad or iPhoneGreetings to you, a fan of tablet computers and other wonderful devices based on the iOS operating system. In today's small note, we will talk with you about how you can quickly and easily throw off, download (download) various video files to your Apple device (iPad or iPhone), so that you can watch them comfortably.

This is done very simply, you only need to download (download) special free software from Apple - iTunes. But first things first.

Mobile iOS devices, such as an iPad or iPhone - have very powerful features that allow you not only to perform basic functions, but also allow you to expand the functionality of the device, for example, you can download (download) programs that allow you to watch videos on a mobile device (iPad, iPhone) . Before you watch a movie, video on your gadget, it is tedious to throw, download (download) a file containing video, movie to it.

In order to upload a file (in order to later watch it on the device) on the device you need to perform the following steps:

  • First of all, you download and install iTunes, this is done very simply, problems, at this stage you should not have;
  • The iPad or iPhone connects to a personal computer on which iTunes is installed;
  • Movie, video loaded into iTunes;
  • Performed iTunes sync with your Apple device - iPhone or iPad.

Now, about everything in order.

Download iTunes

Go to this page - In the window that opens, you need to select the operating system for which you need to download (download) the program. In most cases, the operating system is detected automatically.

Enter your email address in the field provided. Next, click the “Download” button. After this uncomplicated operation, the process of loading the program should go.

Once you have managed to download, download (download) the program on your computer, run it and install. This process is very simple, at this stage you should have no problems. If you have problems - repeat the above procedure again.

Work with iTunes, download videos

Run the program iTunes and follow the instructions below.:

  • Connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer using the USB cable that came with your Apple gadget;
  • Press CTRL + S to make the side menu visible;
  • Prepare on your computer video files (film) that need to be transferred (downloaded) to your iPhone or iPad, in order to later watch them;
  • In the side menu, in the “Media Library” field, find the “Movies” item and click on it. If the item is not visible, then press the CTRL +, (comma) key combination and in the opened window, in the “Sources” field, tick the “Movies” option, click “OK”;
  • Now you just need to transfer (by analogy with how to transfer files from folder to folder) video, movie to iTunes library.

Add video to iTunes library
Congratulations, you were able to download (record) a video, a movie into the iTunes library, now in order to watch, download these files to your iPhone or iPad, you have to do the final touch - to perform synchronization.

Device sync

To synchronize your device, follow these steps.:

  • In the sidebar, in the “Devices” field, click on the name of your device;
  • In the window that appears, select the “Overview” tab;
  • Go down to the bottom of the page and to start syncing your iPad or iPhone with your iTunes library, click the “Sync” button.

ITunes Sync
Synchronization may take some time, depending on the size of the downloaded video.

Play movie on device

So, you were able to download, upload the movie to your mobile gadget, now, in order to watch it, you need to open it, this is done as follows:

  • Find on your desktop your iPad or iPhone app called “Video”;
  • Open it and find the previously downloaded video. To start playback, click on the video. In order to make it easier to watch, you can expand the video to the full screen of the device.

IPhone video app
That's all for today. Thanks for attention. Now you know how easy it is to throw, upload (download) any video file (movie) to your mobile gadget.

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