How to create an American Apple ID on iPhone or iPad

Posted by: 28.11.2017

Registering an American Apple ID on the App Store
In the store - the App Store has a huge variety of games, however, some of them are available only for certain countries. One of the states in which there are many applications is the USA. Therefore, now people are thinking: - "How to register an American Apple ID?". You do not need to move to America to perform this action, it is enough to use the recommendations told in the article and find out that the whole process is very easy and simple.

What is Apple ID in the App Store and what is it for?

Apple ID (Apple IDI) - an account used by the user to log into the - App Store and iTunes. Apple ID must be created during the first launch of the iPhone or iPad. Each such account is tied to a particular country and only then a person gets access to numerous applications.

What a person needs to have to register an American Apple ID

Creating an account in the United States requires:

  • Stable Internet connection (A person must be connected to a Wi-Fi network, 3G, LTE);
  • Work Email (A message will be sent to the email address that will allow you to activate a newly created account);
  • Phone number and US address (They may not be real if the account is needed only to download free applications).

How to create an American Apple ID

The App Store is a standard service that should be on every Apple device.
iPhone appstore
By logging into this application, you can see the current account (provided that you have previously activated any of the accounts).

Clicking on the line with this account you need to perform "Logout". If you still have not had an account, then you should skip these steps.
Current App Store Account

In the App Store, you should select your favorite game or application and click on - “Download”.
Downloading the application
The screen immediately displays the information that you need to register a new account.
Create a new account
On the page that appears, you need to select a country, in the current case it is “USA” and click on “Next”.

After reading the license agreement, we agree with it by clicking on the Agree button.

On the new page, you must enter: a valid e-mail, password.
Enter Account Information
On the same page, you can enter an additional email address, it will act in the event that you need to restore your account, if they are suddenly seized by intruders.

If all the data has been filled in correctly, then the redirection will occur and the person will go to the next page where it will be necessary to fill in the payment information. Here you need to select "No" and click "Next."

After completing all these steps, account verification will begin (assuming that everything was done correctly).

Now the email should receive a message, which will contain a special link to confirm your account. Clicking on this link, the person gets to the official Apple website, here you will need to re-enter your email address and password to the newly created Apple ID.

By logging into your account, a person will complete the process of creating and get access to download new games that will be available to residents of America. After completing the download of those games, you can return to another Apple ID, if this is not used as the main one.

Provided that you could not find the address and home phone number with your own hands, you can use the list shown in the image below.
Addresses and phone numbers USA


This is not to say that registering an American Apple ID is a complex process. If you have basic knowledge, they will be enough to quickly create an account in the United States, and later use its functionality at full capacity.

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