How to remove iTunes backup

Posted by: 04.10.2018

How to remove iTunes backup
By selling an iPhone (iPhone) or ceasing to simply dispose of them, the user begins to think about what you need to remove the backup copy of your device that was created in iTunes. The process of uninstalling existing copies of iTunes is fairly easy, however, people who are not too good, knowledgeable, in iTunes can experience some difficulties in this case. The search for the necessary settings, the execution of various manipulations - all this can be hellish work, which will be an extremely difficult process to cope with. This manual will tell people in detail how to remove backup copies from iTunes forever.

Deleting backup on MAC devices

The first thing you need to run iTunes, and already there go to the "Settings" tab. Once in the required section, a person will have to select the next item, namely “Devices”. In the window that opens, there will be a bunch of copies created by the device, you will need to select one of them or several at once, and click on the “Delete backup” button. As a result, you will need to confirm the uninstall.
Remove Mac OS copy
Delete iTunes backups on MAC

Remove a copy of iTunes on Windows

Run iTunes, select the "Edit" section and click on the "Settings" item (In order for this item to appear you must hold down the Alt key on the keyboard). Going to Settings, a person will have to select the item “Devices”. Now the backup is selected, which must be removed from the PC and you must click the "Delete backup" button. At the very end, you need to confirm the actions performed by clicking on the appropriate button.
Remove Windows Backup

Delete iTunes Backup in Windows

Remove copy from iCloud cloud

Some users do not want to clutter up the memory of their computer, and therefore they turn to the cloud storage - iCloud. Exactly there backup copies are stored data that has been saved by the users themselves. To delete a backup, you do not need to be a professional, you just need to use your apple gadget and get the desired result.

So, here is a list of necessary actions remove copy from iCloud:

  1. Open on iPhone "Settings";
  2. Go to the item "iCloud";
  3. Select the section "Storage";
  4. Here is a list of created copies, select the ones you want to delete and click on the button that has the red caption - “Delete a copy”.


Removing unnecessary copies is a very necessary process, because at times these copies can reach large sizes and take up free space that can be used rationally by the user personally. Both on a PC and in cloud storage, there may not be enough space for important files, but there are those copies that a person has not used for a long time, and it is easier to delete them than to lose something truly important.

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