Why doesn't iTunes open on my computer? What to do?

Posted by: 22.07.2018

iTunes is an indispensable thing when working with devices on the iOS operating system. This application is also a player for various kinds of multimedia content, capable of playing audio and video.

This program can be downloaded from the company's website, and it is very easy to install it. However, there are cases when some users of iTunes on a computer do not open at all. Why is this happening and what can be done about it?


To get started, just restart your computer. This will solve the problem in the case when you start iTunes, but it does not open, but does not give an error. If nothing has changed, try reinstalling the program.

The most popular problems, why iTunes doesn't open on a computer, and how to solve them:

  • No network connection: this program cannot work without access to the world wide web. Check if the internet works.
  • If your computer is very old, then most likely it does not meet the minimum requirements of the program. If so, then this is the case.
  • Perhaps you need to upgrade your operating system. Sometimes iTunes starts to conflict with outdated OS versions.
  • Try to wait a bit. On the internal service of the program, software failures are not excluded, they occur quite often.
  • Problems and solutions

    Sometimes iTunes does not start due to the fact that it cannot read all the information on your device. The solution to this problem is one - formatting files on the device. Before the procedure, save all your documents on another device or on the cloud (OneDrive, iClouds or another). After that, try connecting your device to the computer. Such actions should help you.

    Try to check the operating system for malware. Often viruses just block launch programswho need internet connection. You can try to bring down the parameters of the device that you want to connect - sometimes users without knowing it forbid their device to “trust” the computer, which is why iTunes will not start.

    Try to open this application as an administrator. Click on the icon with the right mouse button and select "Run as administrator". On some versions of operating systems, there may be a lock on the automatic launch of programs installed from the Internet.

    Try to completely get rid of the Temp folder. To do this, use the following instructions.:

    • Go to "My Computer";
    • Open "Local drive C";
    • On it find the folder “Documents and Settings”;
    • There find a folder with the name of your account;
    • Locate the iTunes folder and download it;
    • In the folder, find "Local Settings". On some devices, it is immediately visible, on others, the following instruction needs to be followed: “service”, in it “properties and folders”, and in it “view”. There put a tick next to "Show hidden files and folders";
    • In the folder, select the Temp file and delete it. If the system tells you that this is not possible, close all programs and try again;
    • Restart your computer and try opening iTunes again. In most cases, iTunes starts to work.

    If you have not helped the already described actions, then go to the most radical way, after which iTunes is guaranteed to work. Open “This computer”, then “Local disk C”, in it is the “Windows” folder. In it, find the folder "System32", where you want to open the folder "QuickTime". You must delete all content in this folder. Restart your computer - iTunes should work.

    Of course, it happens that the iTunes conflict arose during the download. Sometimes this happens because of plug-in and codec conflicts.. Try uninstalling QuickTime, downloading a new program file, and reinstalling iTunes. If nothing helped you - write to Apple technical service, they will definitely find the right solution to your problem.

    The only drawbacks of this method are that you must at least understand English and wait a few days until you are answered. We hope that it didn’t come to that and our recommendations helped you.

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