Unable to connect to the App Store. Ways to solve the problem

Posted by: 15.05.2018

App Store does not work
Any citizen who owns an expensive flagship from Apple, let it be the iPhone or any gadget could face such a problem - “It’s impossible to enter the official app store (App Store)”. As they say in a joke: stumble upon such a disaster - everyone has a chance - 50 by 50 percent. This means that the problem can occur with each user, regardless of the device used, and also regardless of any social or any other signs.

If such an error occurs on Apple’s mobile device, there’s no need to panic, let alone do a hard reset (delete all settings and personal data on the mobile phone), because it’s enough to solve this problem differently. The error on each apple device may appear differently. However, in ninety percent of cases, users talk about such messages related to this problem, like - “Failed to connect to the App Store”, “cannot connect to the app store” and so on.

Why can't I connect to the itunes store?

Usually, this trouble appears after a person wants to install some software update on his smartphone or, in general, download a completely different application (game), and he displays a kind of error due to problems that could repeatedly be noticed earlier users.

Here is a list of sample problems that prevent you from connecting to the itunes store:

Invalid date on iPhone

  • The date and time values ​​were set incorrectly on the smartphone. There may be no reference to the correct time zone.
  • The serial number of the device from Apple could be hidden, and because of this, the error itself pops up - “I can not connect to the itunes store”. However, it is enough to cope with this problem simply by going to the “Settings” section first, there you can select the “About device” item and make sure that we have the necessary values.
  • The third problem, due to which an information error can pop up is called “Lack of a normal Internet connection”. Apple has repeatedly repeated: - "For the normal functioning of the App Store, high-quality Internet is necessary." Therefore, if at home there are problems with the Wi-Fi network, there is a chance that this error will pop up repeatedly.
  • Overdue (invalid) root certificates stored on the device can also be a problem, due to which an informative message will appear - itunes could not connect to the itunes store. This case is treated elementary. It is necessary to delete from the folder of certificates - two files, namely “ocspcache.db”, “crlcache.db”. Next, you need to restart the device and try again to enter the App Store.

The initial action in the event of an error "Connection failed to the App Store."

Before you perform the proposed recommendations or contact the help of specialists, it is necessary to carefully examine the router (modem) available at home. If the Internet connection is working properly, you can try to log in to the Apple ID in a new way on your mobile device, later restart the phone and check the operation of the App Store servers. There are cases when the elementary procedure “Leave the account” and re-enter the necessary data helped to solve this problem and did not have to spend a lot of time to eliminate the existing trouble.


Perhaps this was considered all ways to solve the problem of connection failure to the App Store. If a message appears, then you should not start worrying, it is enough to pull yourself together, try logging in to your Apple ID account in a new way, restart your mobile phone, try updating the software (version of iOS operating system) and see if the problem is solved. At times, excessive human actions can cause more harm than good. You do not need to immediately do a hard reset (reset), even if there is a saved copy of personal data and applications, because with the restoration of this copy, you may also have some problems. It is better to start small and watch the result.

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