What to do if iTunes does not see the iPad? How to solve a problem?

Posted by: 15.06.2018

What to do in a situation if iTunes cannot see the iPhone / iPad? Why is this happening?

It happens that after a certain period of time after updating the software on a computer or mobile device iTunes stops seeing iPhone /iPad when connected to PC.

And the computer can not see the iPod due to the impossibility of determining its program. It sometimes happens that iTunes does not see the iPad for other less popular reasons that make no sense.

After replacing the software on a computer or mobile device with a new one, -iTunes cannot see the iPhone / iPod when it is connected to the computer. This problem is very frequent, but it is solved quite easily.



It should be remembered that the problem is not in the iTunes application, but rather in the mobile device itself. This issue is triggered by an error while syncing iTunes with your mobile device.

You can get rid of this error by performing the following steps.:

  • Turn off your device and update iTunes to the latest version (go to the menu in Help - Updates;
  • ITunes update

  • Download and then install an alternative on your PC file manager, for example, iExplorer or iFunBox;
  • Using the file manager installed in the second step, copy the / var / mobile / Media folders to a computer from your mobile device;
  • After that, delete the / var / mobile / Media folders from the iPad device and reboot it.

Note! The 5 iPhone software version is different, so the path at this stage will be: “/ iTunes_Control / Sync / Media”.


Connect your device to computer.

Then, after the last step, iTunes should see the iPhone / iPad, and it will offer to sync. Also, it may happen that during the removal of the / var / mobile / Media folders there will be a loss of a certain part of information, for example, notes or photos. In this case, you can restore them at any time using a backup copy of this folder.

If your PC still does not see the iPad, it is possible as an alternative to try reinstalling and uninstalling Apple Mobile Device series services. For Mac OS, it is done this way.:

  • Disconnect your mobile device and then exit iTunes;
  • Find in Finder in iTunes in “Programs”. Next, delete it;
  • Delete all files: System / Libraries / Extensions / AppleMobileDevice.kext;
  • After that, restart the computer;
  • Download and install the latest version of iTunes.

If your PC is running Windows, a similar operation should be performed as follows.:

  • Open “Control Panel and click on Programs and Features”;
  • Next, select in the iTunes window and click "delete";
  • Download and install the latest iTunes for Windows and restart your computer.


In most cases, the first option comes up, and iTunes starts seeing the iPad. If iTunes cannot see the iPhone / iPad, you can try another method described above.

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