Unknown error -1 when restoring iPhone

Posted by: 25.05.2018

-1 Error on iPhone 5s
Often, there may be various errors during the update. These can be problems related to the hardware side, as well as common errors that are caused by some kind of software conflict. Speaking of the unknown error -1 with restoring iPhone 5s should be noted that in most cases, this problem is connected with the malfunction of the modem in the mobile gadget and you can not do without going to the service center. However, there are isolated cases when it is possible to reanimate a mobile phone at home.

Causes of Unknown Error -1 iTunes

  • Using a non-certified cable, a person puts himself at risk, because the number of system errors can be increased significantly due to this problem. You should purchase an original cable for your iPhone;
  • iTunes on the computer is not installed the latest version. To solve this problem, simply update the utility by downloading it from the official Apple website;
  • iTunes was not running as an administrator.

Modem breakdown is a common cause of a breakdown.

The most common reason for which, iTunes may produce an error -1 is exactly the failure of the modem. There is a list of signs by which it can be determined that it is because of this reason that the 1 error occurred.

Before the 1 error occurred while restoring the iphone 5s, the device often lost contact, even in those places where the signal level was sure, the -1 error only appeared at the end of the update process, the smartphone fell or was wet. which indicate that the modem was broken in the iPhone 4S, 5S device.

Error Solution -1 iTunes

The only right decision would be a trip to the service center, and all because of the need to perform a soldering of the modem and its components. The workshop must be chosen carefully, because most repair shops on the market are associated exclusively with the replacement of the battery or screen. At best, after waiting, you will get an iPhone with the same mistake, and at worst - the masters can still break something, if you don’t come up with a smart choice of the workshop.

If the iPhone was under warranty, then no one will repair it for free, because the modem blade is a mechanical damage caused by dropping the device from the maximum allowable height. Even if there is no external damage, there is no guarantee that nothing happened to the device itself.

Tips for fixing a bug without visiting the workshop

Cool the smartphone, and then try to flash it. This is too peculiar way, but sometimes it works flawlessly. In addition, some masters, on the contrary, advise you to heat the device with a special device (you need to warm the modem) and then try to get rid of the -1 error by repeating the device update (restore) process again.


As it became known "modem dump" - this is an extremely serious problem that arises when iPhone update 5S. Although there are methods for circumventing this problem, they are not very relevant. Today, there are many different recommendations, however, as already mentioned, a trip to a service center that deals with the repair of apple devices (iPhone, iPad) is the right decision. By spending not so much money, a person can solve the error -1, which may occur on the device. Solving this problem at home can only harm your device, so using them is not recommended - the person does it at their own peril and risk.

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