No iPhone or iPad sync with iTunes. How to fix?

Posted by: 23.02.2018

Common ways to solve the problem of the lack of iPhone sync with a computer

  1. Re-authorize in iTunes;
  2. Restart the computer and the Apple device;
  3. Check synchronization over a Wi-Fi connection;
  4. Use a different USB cable or USB port;
  5. Reset device to factory settings.

Deleting LockDown Folder on Mac OS

Before you begin the process of deleting a directory, you must first disconnect all apple devices from your computer, close iTunes. After these actions, open the Finder by simultaneously holding down the three keys - Shift + CMD + G. In the dialog box that appears, enter the path “/ Var / db / lockdown” and press the Enter button on the keyboard.
Now you need to select all the files located in the Lockdown folder and move them to the trash. That is, on Mac OS only files are deleted, and the directory remains in its rightful place.

Remove LockDown on Windows Operating System

Solve the problem of sync iPhone with iTunes easier than it was on apple laptops. Turning off all devices, closing iTunes on a personal computer, clicking on the "Start" button, where the "Search" field is located, enter the% ProgramData% command and press the Enter button.
Now you need to go to the Apple folder by double-clicking on it with the left mouse button. After that, remove the Lockdown button and restart the computer. If you do not perform a reboot, the system will notify the person if there is a system error, and it will be impossible to continue working with the apple device.


The problem of synchronization between two devices is a long-standing matter. Before you start to plant a panic and call specialists, you should carefully read the instructions and try to resolve the difficulties alone. The most common problem is considered obsolete software. You should update the firmware, like on the iPhone or iPad, and do not forget about updating iTunes. Apple developers often release new versions, you should follow them, not forgetting their advantages.

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