We update through iTunes of program on iPhone and iPad

Posted by: 25.07.2018

To update your applications on iPhone or iPad you can resort to the help of a specialized utility - Apple's multimedia assistant..

By launching iTunes, we are convinced that it does not require updates, if an update is necessary, you will be notified of this by a corresponding dialog box, after which you will need to agree to the update and restart your computer, and then restart our multimedia assistant.

Next We connect our device (iPhone, iPad) to a computer through the cable that comes in the kit. After the computer detects our device in the system and it is displayed in the program, select the “Programs” section (all applications installed on the device (iPhone, iPad) will be displayed), and then the “Updates” subsection.


We update through iTunes of program on iPhone and iPad

After that you will see all the applications available for updating, you can update them by clicking on each icon, respectively. If no such ones are found, then the words “All programs are updated” will appear in the center of the screen, after which you can be sure about the relevance of your software.

An additional filter when searching for the necessary application for updating (in case you want to update not all software, but something specific) is the filterlocated in the upper right corner and allowing you to sort your software installed on the device by the following parameters: name, vendor, genre, year.

We update through iTunes of program on iPhone and iPad

Update without computer

You can update programs on iPhone not only via iTunes, but also directly via the AppStore, having access to the Internet from your device (iPhone, iPad) via WiFi or a mobile network, in the latter case you should bear in mind that there may be restrictions on the size of the update being downloaded.

To do this, just log in from your mobile device in the AppStore, select the “Updates” section and tap the “Update” buttons opposite those applications that need to be updated..

If you choose to automatically download updates in Settings, then you will not need to update manually.

You can do this as follows:

  • Go to “Settings - AppStore, iTunes Store - Automatic downloads” and put ON (on) the checkbox next to “Updates.” After this update will be downloaded automatically when your device is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • If you want your programs to be updated when there is no access to the Wi-Fi network, but there is access to the mobile Internet, then you should activate the “Cellular Data” parameter, which is located below.

Attention! This instruction (for updating a program or programs via iTunes) is written for iOS 9 and iTunes version, current on 26.09.2015.

For other versions of iOS and iTunes instructions may vary.

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