ITunes 1671 error what to do

Posted by: 22.03.2018

1671 error when updating software
If you encounter an 1671 error when updating software on the iPhone or opening such a utility on a PC as iTunes, you do not need to immediately contact the specialists who are working on repairing mobile equipment, you can use the following recommendations, because they can help fix the 1671 itunes error on an iOS device .


Experienced experts have found several reasons why this dysfunction may occur:

  • The term of the anti-virus program has ended;
  • There has been a virus infection of the system;
  • iTunes is incompatible with the iPhone, due to the fact that it has not been updated to the current version;
  • USB connection is too slow (this may be the fault of the USB port or USB hub, if it is connected through);
  • There is not enough free space on the iPhone for the next application update;
  • Outdated version of the operating system installed on the iPhone.

How To Fix 1671 Error

To correct this error, you can perform a series of simple manipulations that can help achieve the desired success:

  1. Make sure that the mobile gadget has enough free space. If this is not the case, then delete unnecessary media files or applications that used a lot of memory;
  2. Update antivirus software and conduct a full PC scan;
  3. make update version of iTunes;
  4. Check the correct contents of the hosts file, which is located in the windows / system32 / etc / drivers / root folder;
  5. Connect the iPhone and computer using the original cable;
  6. Install the latest (current) OS updates on your smartphone;
  7. To perform a hard (forced) reboot of the apple device. To do this, you must simultaneously hold down two buttons - the “On / Off” button and the Home button.

Data Recovery on iPhone

If the 1671 error is repeated, you can perform the data recovery procedure.

  1. The first step is to connect the computer and the iPhone using the original cable;
  2. Next you need to run on the PC - iTunes;
  3. In this program, select the item (Recovery or Recovery);
  4. The system will notify the user that he will lose all the content on the device - music, movies, applications, and so on;
  5. After this process is complete, you will need to agree to create a backup copy and put it on your PC;
  6. And in the end you will need to agree to the final synchronization;

If all these two methods turned out to be invalid in the current case and could not help fix the 1671 error, then you can use the third option, namely, to introduce the Apple smartphone into the Recovery Mode state. This is usually done if the iPhone does not show any signs of life. Because of this mode, all data stored on the phone will be deleted, however - this is the 100% working method that allows you to cope with the 1671 itunes error.

How to enter Recovery Mode

  1. Clamp at the same time two buttons Home and Power (about ten seconds);
  2. As soon as the smartphone turns off, it will be necessary to connect the USB cable to the smartphone and accordingly it should be connected to the PC;
  3. Next, release the Power button and see the traditional apple on the screen and hold the Home button for about ten seconds;
  4. After that, the image of iTunes will appear on the screen;
  5. Run iTunes utility on PC and start recovery (Recovery).


Solving a 1671 error somewhat. Each of them is relevant today. The first option is preferred by many due to the fact that all data is stored on the device, however, the most working is the option associated with the Recovery Mode, which allows you to instantly get rid of the annoying error.

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