21 error when restoring iPhone

Posted by: 13.09.2018

21 error when restoring iPhone 4s
Happy owners of the iPhone are repeatedly associated with the procedure for updating or restoring, purchased, their device through the official program from Apple - iTunes. However, when recovering from time to time, there can be some serious trouble, and one of them is the 21 error that occurs on both iPhone 5S and iPhone 4S. This unknown error prevents the user from performing the procedure he needs and as a result, a person sees information on the monitor screen - “The iPhone could not be restored”.

What is 21 Error?

This problem, in the opinion of experienced specialists, is connected precisely with interruptions in the hardware of its own gadget. This error could be caused by malfunctions of the modem, internal cards, and so on. With a small bump or fall, the iPhone can be outwardly perfect, but inside with some kind of microchip could have unpleasant consequences, which in the future led to the 21 error.

Itunes 21 Error - Ways To Fix The Problem

Although the 21 error occurs only with mechanical damage, there are current methods that at times help to cope with this problem at home.

The list of useful recommendations from experts:

  • Install new drivers on your PC or laptop;
  • Use the latest version of iTunes;
  • Make sure the cable is working;
  • Restart the computer;
  • If you have the experience and the necessary skills to try to change the firmware on the iPhone;
  • Finish the update (restore) procedure on another personal computer.

If none of the above proposed manipulations helped in solving this problem, then it is definitely necessary to contact the professionals who are engaged in the repair of mobile equipment. However, do not think that you have to pay a large amount for iphone recovery, there is a possibility that the software elements are incompatible and the specialist will only select a new firmware.


Updating and restoring an iPhone is an important procedure that is used by a huge number of people around the world. And, if during the process any errors occur, before turning to the help of specialists, you can carry out some procedures in person in order to save money. But if nothing happens during the process, it is better not to be a hero, because there is a chance to make it worse.

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