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Posted by: 25.04.2018

How to make a podcast in iTunes
The digital podcast has become popular among users who use mobile devices. All apple podcasts are available in iTunes, and therefore a large audience of people have a question - “How to create a podcast?”. Starting from the prehistory it is necessary to say that the apple podcasts can listen not only in the official iTunes, but also in third-party applications, you just need to download audio files to your device and later listen to them without a permanent Internet connection.

How to make a podcast on iTunes?

Creating and publishing a podcast does not take much time, the procedure is extremely easy and the whole process will take a little less than one hour, the main thing is to find out in time how it all works and then use the studied technologies in reality.

Before you start your own actions, you need to buy headphones and a high-quality microphone that will be needed for recording. Of course, these are all trifles, however, it is the quality of the equipment in the future that will determine the quality of the final result. Be aware that in addition to creating a podcast in iTunes, experienced developers use platforms such as Blogger, as well as WordPress.

Having decided to create a podcast, you must remember the files for the necessary podcast. First of all, you need to understand that the materials must be somewhere. Following, this logic slips two options: paid and option for free. Using the paid option, a person has the right to use the services of Amazon S3 and pay for their services or order their own web hosting, where the podcast files will be placed. The free version is based on placing all podcasts in the Google Drive cloud storage. For maximum compatibility, convert all audio podcasts to MP3 format.

Choose a cover for your own podcast

After the recording and publication of the podcast has been completed, it is necessary to carefully select the cover. You should create an image whose proportions will be equal, namely, their value will be 1400 pixels, and set it as the main photo to the created podcast. Naturally, a loaded photo should be as close as possible to the previously recorded material, otherwise, from now on, users simply will not understand what they are dealing with.

Enable podcasts on your own WordPress blog.

As mentioned earlier, the site management system (WordPress) has a built-in function that recognizes podcasts, so if you have your own blog, any user can place a podcast created by him in a new post in order to please his eternal visitors with something new and universal. . It is not for nothing that they say that in the 21st century it is not necessary to constantly take something from people, but something new should be created.

To post a podcast on a WordPress blog, do the following:

  1. Start posting a new entry on your own blog;
  2. In the editor, where the text is entered, you need to add a special tag "podcast".
  3. Create a hyperlink to an audio file located on the Internet to link to this podcast.
  4. Post entry.

After the podcast has been created and verified by users on a personal blog, you can send it to iTunes by going to Apple’s official website, download the appropriate program called “iTunes”, install it on your computer, register Apple ID, if it hasn’t been there yet, go to the necessary page, where the data on the created podcast will be filled.


Creating a podcast in iTunes is not a complicated procedure. However, it should be perfectly well understood that the millions of podcasts available in the iTunes music library were not added there accidentally, each of them undergo a hard moderation. Before submitting an application for consideration, it is necessary to carefully consider every detail. Great attention should be paid to the recorded audio file. Everything should be heard clearly, so that there is no interference, and so on. Beautiful cover is also a guarantee of great success. Going to business responsibly, there is a high probability that itunes podcasts will not cause any problems.

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