Solving 4013 error when restoring an iPhone 5S

Posted by: 20.11.2017

4013 error solution
4013 error when restoring iPhone 5s remains today one of the most incomprehensible in the opinion of many people. It occurs exactly during the recovery of the iPhone using iTunes through the cable. Today we need to try to understand the possible causes of this problem, as well as to track down any ways to correct this trouble. The occurrence of this error can be called a software failure. There are tips from Apple for how to fix this problem, but not in all cases, these recommendations are effective.

4013 Error - Elimination of Apple Recommendations

  • Install the latest version of iTunes;
  • Reboot your own computer (laptop);
  • Update your personal computer to the current system, then restart it again (you can also use another PC on which you have installed fresh software);
  • Perform a hard reset of the apple gadget.

Method # 1 - software errors

  1. First, you need to download a software such as UnistallTool, this program will help you quickly remove unnecessary files from your PC by removing them from the root. This program needs to remove the pre-installed iTunes, and then download it again from the official Apple site. It is important to download it there, because it is on the official website that the latest versions are laid out;
  2. After performing this not complicated procedure, you should use the native cable that comes with the device, connect it to your smartphone and computer directly. After you go to the “Device Manager” section on your PC, find your device there, it should be in the “Apple Mobile Device” list and try reinstalling the driver. You should specify the following path: C / Program Files / Apple / Mobile Device / Drivers.
  3. Now the tinyumbrella utility is downloaded and exit recovery mode is selected. To select a mode, just press the corresponding key with its name.

This method is relevant only under the condition that everything is in order from the technical side, that is, there were no failures with the iron and it does not require repair.

Method # 2 - iron side problems

If the first method was not as effective as desired, then you can go to the second option, which should necessarily help in eliminating the 4013 error. 4013 error during recovery may pop up on various devices with iOS operating system. This can be either an iPhone 4s or an 6 version of the gadget.
Having decided that there are problems in the gland, it is necessary to perform the following manipulations:

  1. It is necessary to turn off all peripheral devices and try to flash the device (enable recovery mode);
  2. It is necessary to check the cable and connectors for integrity. Sometimes it happens that the original cable breaks and this causes serious problems. And an elementary trip to the store behind the cable solves all difficulties in one fell swoop;
  3. Apple device should be flashed with original battery and original charging.


Provided that the above recommendations were made and there was no sense, namely, the 4013 error did not go away when restoring the iphone, the 4s did not go away, you should directly contact the professionals in this field, having told in detail about the emerging problem. Masters can tell in detail what kind of manipulations were done with the device, and that there was no effect from them. It is the masters who can, for a small fee, with the necessary equipment, eliminate the 4013 error, both on iPhone 4s and on older devices.

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