Solving 9 error when restoring iphone 5s

Posted by: 12.11.2017

Solving 9 error when restoring iphone 5s

9 error when restoring iphone may appear quite often when restoring or updating a device. There is no one solution for this error that can fix everything, however, the best recommendations were collected in this review to help eliminate error nine on the iPad or iPhone. Many people work through iTunes, namely the owners of the iPhone 4s, the iPhone (the top five) and other models repeatedly update their smartphone through this software, but no one could have thought that one day the system update would end extremely tragic.

What is the 9 error when restoring the iphone 5s?

It turns out that this error occurs when the connection between the USB port between the laptop and the smartphone is suddenly lost. This can happen just in time to restore the smartphone. The user also repeatedly with his own hands could disconnect the device during an important procedure, the USB-wire could also be broken. In short, if the contact between the mobile device and the computer is lost, then the 6 error appears on the iphone 9.

Possible software solutions errors

  1. Before the next update, you need to clean the hosts file located in the Windows / system32 / drivers / etc / folder.
  2. Switch your smartphone to DFU mode, and using iTunes (the latest version);
  3. Use the redsn0w_win program, and click on the Recovery FIX button in it. Having done this manipulation, the apple device will reboot, and all due to the fact that one special fix will be installed, which is necessary to eliminate the error that appeared once.
  4. Re-enter your iTunes account and try to flash your device.

9 hardware troubleshooting

  1. To begin with, you should turn off the screen loop and try to flash the device (it helps some users);
  2. Sometimes the 9 error occurs with a broken loop, which is responsible for the gyroscope;
  3. This problem may also be related to a non-contacting battery;

Although this problem seems incredibly terrible, and it seems that only professionals can cope with it, it turns out that the 9 error is eliminated even with his own hand, by ordinary ordinary people who have repeatedly used their iPhones and are no longer considered newbies.

EROR 9 can be caused by many factors, but the most frequent of them are:

  1. The port is not working at the computer, that is, the problem can be solved by simply moving the cord from the device to another port of your PC;
  2. The cable connecting the telephone to the user's personal computer is broken;
  3. The firmware of the device itself is broken, and the phone can be reanimated by using a completely different firmware, which can be downloaded from the Apple device firmware website.


Trouble on the iphone 5s 9 error can not be resolved at home, but do not get upset ahead of time, because the service centers, which work professionals have not yet been canceled. Turning to them, for a small price a person can get a profitable solution.

Already more than once, when a mobile phone was urgently needed, and such an error occurred due to the stupid system update, people were forced to flee to a service center, which means that people who are repairing should already know what details should be paid attention to. Smartphone owners appear complaining about this problem.

The 9 error over the past decades on the iPhone has been a fairly frequent process, and owners repeatedly wonder if Apple will eliminate this flaw in the future so that more people don’t have to overpay money to solve this problem.

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