Quickly sync your iPhone, iPad, iPod with iTunes

Posted by: 04.11.2017

How to sync iPhone, iPod or iPad with iTunesGreetings to you, dear reader. In today's tutorial, I’ll tell you how to sync your iPhone with iTunes, how to set up your gadget, how to do it easily and quickly.

In fact, the procedure for synchronizing all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) is the same, so after reading this manual you will learn how to synchronize any Apple gadget..

We will consider two options for synchronization.:

  • With the connection of the gadget (iPhone, iPad, iPod) to the computer via USB cable (this cable had to be bundled with the gadget). The easiest and most traditional way: you connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod to a personal computer on which iTunes is installed, then add the necessary files to the program and press the sync button.
  • In my opinion, this is the most convenient way to sync your iPhone, iPad, iPod with your computer and iTunes. You do the necessary settings in iTunes. Later you simply connect to your computer via WiFi, then you can synchronize automatically.

Via USB cable

As I said above - USB cable is the easiest way to synchronize with a computer. But let's describe in more detail the whole process.:

  • Connect your gadget (iPhone, iPad, iPod) to the computer on which iTunes is installed;
  • Next, run (if not yet running) program iTunes;
  • In the menu on the left (if the menu is not displayed, press CTRL + S) select your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod);

    Select a device in iTunes

  • To the right of the side menu (in the main field, information about yours (iPhone, iPad, iPod) should appear).

Go down to the bottom of this field and find the “Synchronize” button, click on it..
Sync with iTunes
Wait until the end of the procedure. Everything, sync iPhone with computer finished, if you synced your iPad and iPod, then the synchronization with your computer is also complete.

Via Wi-Fi

We turn to, in my opinion, a more interesting version of the synchronization of your gadget (iPhone, iPad, iPod) - to sync over a wireless WiFi network. Below is a detailed instruction on how to configure WiFi.

  • For the initial setup, you will need to connect your gadget (iPhone, iPad, iPod) to a computer using USB. Do it;
  • In the sidebar (on the left) select your device;
  • In the main field (located to the right of the side field) find the “Parameters” section, then check the box next to “Sync this iPad over WiFi”;
  • Set up iTunes sync via Wi-fi

  • Click the “Apply” button.

Everything, now you can disconnect your iPhone, iPad, iPod from the computer. It remains to configure the necessary functions in the gadget.

  • Open the “Settings” item on your iPhone, iPad, iPod;
  • Select “Basic”;
  • Set up iPhone sync with iTunes

  • Next, select “Sync from iTunes over Wifi”;
  • Set up iPhone sync with iTunes

  • Click on the “Sync” button.

That's all for today, now you know how to sync your iPad with a computer, or how to do it with an iPhone or iPod.

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