Remove unwanted music using iTunes

Posted by: 15.06.2018

Itunes Store today is one of the most popular stores with entertainment content. Using it you can, for example, buy music with a license and at an affordable price.

So downloading to your iPhone of a different genre of music, after a while any user of this smartphone faces the problem: how to remove music from itunes. After all, after a reusable simpleton, I want to change the repertoire. Therefore, as you can guess, it will now be about removing music files from iTunes from iPhone.

There are several ways for this action, both using iTunes and using it, but now with the Apple mobile phone..

Method one

  • if your goal is to delete all music content through iTunes, then for this you need to run this program and open your library;
  • in the “Music” section, select all the songs using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A;
  • on the keyboard, press the “Delete” key and complete the deletion with confirmation.

Remove music from iTunes

Method two

  • This method is used to selectively delete tracks. As in the first method, open the “Music” section in the iTUNS program;
  • select one of the tabs: albums, artists or songs;
  • select the audio file to delete with the mouse and then click Delete;
  • If you need to delete several tracks that are found in different places of the music list, then select them by holding the Ctrl button. After that, by clicking on Delete, all selected tracks will be deleted from the iPhone.

Delete tracks from iPhone

Deleting music directly from your phone is as easy as producing through the program itself. To do this, select the tracks that we want to leave, then:

  • open iTunes;
  • go to the "Music";
  • then drag the pre-selected music files to an empty area. You can also drag the whole folder. If you want to have no audio files on your iPhone, you should leave the library for audio free;
  • after the above steps, connect your mobile device to your PC and to iTunes;
  • in this program itself, open the page of the newly connected iPhone and open the “Music” section there;
  • After the done procedures, you can click on “Synchronize”. But before this action, make sure that you do not accidentally select any extra files. Since randomly selected tracks will get on your mobile device with the “apple”.

With the help of such simple actions, your library of music files on the apple phone will be replaced with a new one that has just been created in iTunes.

This information will be useful to owners of smartphones on the iOS operating system, who recently acquired this miracle of technology, and still could not fully understand all the nuances of working with it.. After reading the above information, you can easily cope with the removal of unwanted music files!

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