How to quickly remove apps through iTunes

Posted by: 23.02.2018

How to remove programs from iPhone or iPad via iTunesGreetings to you, dear user of gadgets based on iOS OS. Today I will tell you how to quickly and easily remove programs and applications - downloaded to your iPhone or iPad - using iTunes. As you may know, all the programs (applications) installed on your iOS gadget are synchronized with iTunes..

Below I have provided a small tutorial on how to manage programs and applications on your iPhone and iPad using iTunes. Before you start learning the instructions, you need to download and install iTunes. You can do this using the following link -

ITunes Setup

So, you downloaded and installed iTunes, now, in order to remove applications, follow these steps:

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad gadget to your computer using a USB cable. The cable must be bundled with the gadget.
  • After you have connected the gadget to your personal computer, start iTunes (if the program does not start automatically after connecting the iPhone or iPad).
  • Press CTRL + S. With this action you will make visible (if the side menu is not visible) the side menu.

After all the above steps, select the name of your gadget in the left side menu in the device field.

Select a gadget in iTunes

If the gadget is not displayed, you need to reconnect your device. If the device still doesn’t show you update iTunes.

Remove Programs

After you have selected, in the side menu, your device - an iPad tablet computer or an iPhone smartphone, go to the “Programs” tab.

Program Management in iTunes

On the left you can see the field in which all your installed programs (applications) are displayed. On the right you can see a list of your screens on the iPad. To remove the program follow these conditions:

  • In the “Programs” field, find the program you want to remove.
  • To the right of the program, locate the “Delete” button and click it. After a certain amount of time, your chosen program will be deleted.
  • Uninstall a program in iTunes

  • It now remains to sync iTunes and your iPad and iPhone. Go to the “Overview” tab, go down to the bottom of the page and click the “Sync” button. After a certain amount of time, the program will be deleted from your mobile gadget.

Through iTunes, you can not only remove programs, but also install them. To do this, you need to use the iTunes Store. In the side menu, select “iTunes Store”, then log in to your Apple ID.

To search and install programs and applications, you can use the search for applications or a selection of TOP'ov most popular applications.

Today, this is all, I hope this small note helped you and you were able to remove all unnecessary applications. I would appreciate if you leave your detailed comment in the comments of this article. In order for you to have the opportunity to leave comments using the commenting form below, you must log in to your account on Vkontakte social network.

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