How much is IPhone 7 and IPhone 7 Plus

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That was the release of the new, grandiose and interesting model from the iPhone line, which is now distributed in two versions 7 and Plus. The question immediately arises, how much does the iPhone 7 and its second version cost? To answer this question is not so difficult, since all the necessary data are already known.

We remind you that Apple's line of mobile phones is the most popular and interesting, it offers users high-quality technical development, its own unique service with various applications, additional services and much more. The company's brand has become very popular and has some influence in the world, since its products are bought by almost all countries of the world who can afford it.

The release of the new model did not come as a surprise, as the company each time offers many new and interesting technical features. In addition to the large screen, good camera and much more, the company tries to develop interesting features in terms of design and individual functions, for example, wireless headphones, original connectors and much more. Therefore, if you still have not used this mobile phone and can afford it, you can safely get acquainted with the price category of these models.

iPhone 7 has become a new legend in the mobile phone market.

Price segment of products

IPhone 7, how much it costs, what equipment and should I buy? Answers to all these questions have already been given, so we suggest to get acquainted with the table, where the price categories for not only the models, but also their main element of configuration are given:

Price segment of the model
Memory availabilityiPhone 7 (rub.)iPhone 7 Plus (rub.)
12 GB~ 60000~ 68000
128 GB~ 66000~ 77000
256 GB~ 7500085000

Do not worry about the fact that we have rounded the price indicators of the phones. In fact, this figure exceeds the main only by 10-30 rubles, so this situation will not have a special impact on your opinion.

There may be a question about how much the phone will cost if you order it in a certain color scheme? In fact, this direction and choice does not affect the cost of the phone in any way, it is much more important to simply decide on the technical features of the phone. But in principle there is nothing difficult and unbelievable in this, the first version of the model of the seven, although it is a new option, but the technical indicators are not so impressive. And to deal with another version of the model, which is much more worth it, you need to deal with the features of technical equipment, otherwise you may simply not notice much difference.

iPhone 7 - a device for connoisseurs

Technical equipment models

And in order not to be in the realm of misunderstanding and doubt, we suggest that you personally study the features of the models so that you can compare them and choose the most suitable option. There are a lot of indicators, so we advise you to get comfortable and start a comparative analysis of mobile phones:

Main parameteriPhone 7Iphone 7 Plus
ScreenThere is a screen in 4,7 inches with a resolution of 750x1334 pixelsThere is a screen in 5,5 inches with a resolution of 1080x1920 pixels
ProcessorBoth models use the Apple A10 Fusion 64-bit processor as the basis. This processor has 4 cores, 2,23 GHz power and a special graphics chip with 6 cores.
RAM (GB)22
Primary storage (GB)256, 12 and 128 volume options are available.
CAPTCHABoth models are IP67 protected, providing protection against water and dust.
Main camera12 MP with 4K format in 60 FPS, focal length is 28 mm12mp with 4K format with 60 FPS, focal length is 56 mm, optical zoom x2 is available
Front-camera7 MP
Operating systemBoth mobile phone models use Apple iOS 10
communicationModels are equipped with all currently available communication formats and have power ratings in 800, 900 and 2000 MHz
4GSupport is available on both versions, using the technical model of LTE Cat and U.
Wi-Fi technologySupported on both models and has a powerful technical basis: 802.11 with integrated equipment
Bluetooth availabilityAvailable on both models, there is a unique LE technology, but it is available exclusively for native services and applications.
Is there a navigation?Navigation programs are available with all services and additional equipment, both GPS and GLONASS are available.
How much is the battery charge?1960 mAh2900 mAh
Availability of a choice of colorsIn this direction, the developers decided to leave the choice for both models, it is possible to get a golden hue, a pink variation, a black coating and a silver version
Housing materialBoth models use the same material, saturated with glass in the front and with high-strength anodized aluminum (back cover)
Р "РѕРЅРѕР» РЅРёС,РμР »СЊРЅР ° СЏ РєРѕРјРїР» РμРєС,Р ° С † РёСЏIn both cases, the same equipment is used: instruction, charging, the phone itself, a special cable for the phone, an adapter for audio reconnection in 3,5 mm.

If you run through all the indicators at a glance, then there are special differences between the models, except that the picture and camera of the mobile phone with the Plus note are much better, and in the second case the RAM together with the energy charge level is higher. But in this case, the choice is provided exclusively to users, because each product will have its own demand, which means both models will necessarily be in trend and allow you to enjoy high-quality technical equipment that will allow you to enjoy comfortable functional and Apple services.

The iPhone 7 has excellent technical qualities.

Anxious question on pricing

We met with elite class mobile phones, so you can already think about what should be acquired for your use. But we understand that the initial perturbation may arise from the fact that the prices of this development seem to be exorbitant. Yes, mobile phones are of course high-quality, but why is it so overpriced? In fact, the business does not particularly hide its costs, so we just point out the items that are included in the cost of a mobile phone:

  1. Production costs - all mobile phones need to be developed both technically and programmatically. This is not so easy and costly, especially if you want everything to work as it should. This also includes the development of design and selection of colors for models.
  2. The cost of maintaining and maintaining hardware and software. All native services that use mobile phones have support and constant updates, and in order for all this to be released and work, it is necessary to have a staff that ensures normal operation.
  3. Logistics and delivery is the first moment that distinguishes some mobile phones in value. Depending on how far the sales market is, a price is formed that covers losses for the organization of the logistic organization.
  4. Component components - each mobile phone is equipped with special component elements that have their own separate production and require investment for support and development.
  5. Currency rate - the crisis showed how much a leap in the currency value can hit the cost of various products. Therefore, do not forget about this factor.
  6. Advertising - this item, though not so often manifests itself, but takes a large item of expenditure. Advertising eats almost 60% of the production budget, so this item is a major factor in frequent price increases.
  7. Other points - in almost every industry there are additional factors for price increase. They are not disclosed, but at the same time they have a minimal impact, which sometimes has indicators from 3 to 8%.

As you can see, creating such a high-quality phone and delivering it to the market is not so easy. Stand and require a full financial report is not worth it, as this is confidential information. But you can already imagine the volume of financial manipulations. We resulted in only seven cost factors, which are divided into hundreds of items of expenditure and additions. In addition, the business is trying to curb the rise in prices by any means, but this is not always the case. In addition, demand is an important factor in determining the cost and if consumers buy such expensive phones, then they are in demand and it is possible to further improve them, gradually increasing the cost and quality of products.

iPhone 7 has become the target of abundant but unwarranted criticism

Now you know everything about the cost of this mobile phone, you have an idea about the technical equipment and even have exemplary data in terms of the main directions of the company's financial investments, due to which the price of products is formed. Therefore, you can consider yourself to be an informed consumer; no one forces you to buy these phones. Undoubtedly, they are of high quality and are the best representatives of this market segment. And in this case the price fully justifies itself, no matter how much it is criticized.

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