IPhone 7 waterproof or not

Posted by: 22.12.2017

The iPhone 7 - has become not only the most popular mobile phone with a high share of technological excellence. He also became the most discussed gadget on the Internet. In addition to carefully studying this smartphone, users began to actively experiment with it, trying to prove or disprove this or that fact. He was dropped from a height, tried to burn and freeze, but the most frequent and popular experiment was immersion in water. IPhone 7, permeable or not, at what depth, under what pressure, etc. All these experiments made the iPhone 7 stay in the water for a long time and the most surprising thing was that all the experiments ended rather unexpectedly for users.

What were the results during the experiments?

Iphone 7 Plus and its original model have become the object of many hundreds of different experiments. In 90% cases, the experiments ended positively, the remaining 10% included complicated experiments, which exceeded the norm several times, which actually caused some unfavorable results of the experimenters. But it doesn’t matter, the 7 model underwater spent a lot of time and in almost every case proved that the technological basis of the model is in order and the developers do not deceive users by offering the IP67 special protection system, which provides maximum protection in terms of water resistance, dust and some damage.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus turned out to be surprisingly quite waterproof, the permeability was reduced to almost zero and even the ability to shoot video and the ability to take photos under water remained unchanged, which greatly surprised the users who conducted the experiments. But still, with a comparative analysis of the iPhone, the 7 Plus proved to be much better, which means this model is much better technologically.

iPhone 7 - the perfection of modern technology

Marketing move or technical excellence?

After the developers of the new technical model said that their use of the iPhone 7 Plus and the standard model would have improved protection, users began to perceive such statements as a kind of marketing ploy. Nothing can stop water from getting inside and breaking the phone, even if it is as protected as possible. However, after conducting a series of experiments, it turned out that the developers honor their reputation and the phone does withstand the water pressure.

In terms of technical performance, the standard model and model plus can withstand water pressure from a crane and function normally at a depth of 3 meters. That is, if you dropped the phone in the bath, came under rain or it fell into a puddle, then the phone will remain intact. Yes, scratches on the case may remain, but the phone itself will definitely survive a similar nuisance. Even after conducting sophisticated experiments, it turned out that the phone can remain working up to drowning to a depth of 10 meters, but the likelihood of such a situation is extremely small. But the phone can be safely used in the pouring rain and nothing will happen to it.

iPhone 7 - marketing and technology in one product

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the legendary newest phones of the new generation. In addition to technological excellence, they allow you to use your functionality at any time without any problems, not to be afraid of breakdowns and just enjoy the quality. But we immediately warn you that it is better not to conduct personally experiments, the fact is that there is a clause in the agreement about the fact that if the phone is exposed to damage as a result of water ingress, then the phone is not subject to warranty service.

Video tests for waterproof Iphone 7

Video №1. Full immersion in water

Video №2. Immersion in beer Iphone 7, Glaxy S7

Video №3. Diving into the water, then analyzing the Iphone 7 and viewing the ingress of water from the inside

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    Alexey (25.12.2017 04: 57)

    NEVER SHIP YOUR IPHONE 7 INTO WATER of your own free will! Especially in the sea. Ignore different dive tests. Of course you can lead, and you take off the beautiful fish under water, and the phone will continue to function. But consider whether you are ready to pay 26-30 thousand rubles for this frame (it costs so much in the replacement service with a new one). The thing is that when using the phone, its tightness is lost, especially if you have ever dropped it. The risk that water gets into it is very high. It will be impossible to repair the phone, and this case is not a warranty!

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