Apple products: why are they willing to pay much more for it?

Posted by: 26.03.2018

The most popular Apple products are iPhones, especially the new 5S models. They are bought all over the world and are ready to lay out much more for gadgets than for products of other brands. The reason for everything is the high level of quality of execution, not only of the material part, but also of the software. In fact, any smartphone is a shell of specialized proprietary software. But is he really that good?

Best screen and quick touch response

The screen of any iPhone can be called its main advantage. Now Apple’s iPhone smartphones use Retina display models that are not yet unique. In addition, the 5S smartphone has an excellent 320ppi ratio, which makes each picture incredibly high quality. Even at arm's length it’s impossible to see the pixels.

It is also important for many users that the products of the American brand has an ideal response to touching the 5S model’s smartphone screen. The screen is updated on 60 once a second, so each animation always remains neat and smooth. The hypersensitive touchscreen makes it easy to control the device, and it fulfills all the requirements of its owner. For many, these figures say that the smartphone is not just good, but the best among modern analogues.

Applications, games and interface

The basis of all iPhone apps is the AppStore. For iPhone 5S smartphones, you can easily pick up the necessary games, programs, and so on. It is worth noting that applications are updated almost every day and this figure is at a high level. AppStore is a permanent moderation and the best developers.

Each application for 5S is high stability and completeness. These indicators are constantly monitored by developers and numerous moderators of the AppStore. You will never see a game that your smartphone cannot pull. The bulk of iOS games are developed and adapted to 5S and always work fine.

Many people like a completely clear and convenient interface for iPhone. The screen itself is sensitive and beautiful. Apple designers are well aware that the phone is the most important component of the life of a modern person, which means that it should be completely understandable for everyone. You can be sure that picking up the phone, you can easily understand all the functions in a few minutes.

Appearance, design and packaging

The excellence of Apple products lies not only in the high-quality interface, but also in the appearance of the devices. IPhones are considered one of the most stylish gadgets. Each model looks beautiful, elegant, expensive and attracts attention. With the release of each new model, designers improve smartphones in every way, making them better and better.

The developers paid a lot of attention even to the packaging of the iPhone, or rather its branded box. This is a proprietary manufacturer trick. In addition, each gadget is sealed with a strong plastic wrap. It acts as an indicator of the fact that no one had touched the 5S smartphone before. This technology of packaging each model iPhone not only distinguishes it from the gadgets of other companies, but also allows you to distinguish the original products from fakes.

additional services

The manufacturer offers many interesting applications for the smartphone 5S and other models, including the cloud. For example, Apple developers have created a Siri cloud application for 5S. Its main feature is that it works only on the voice of the owner and is his assistant. Unfortunately, this application works only in English, but its abilities are simply amazing.

Another interesting application for iPhone is iCloud. It is a cloud-specific storage that is designed specifically for Apple. For example, you can take a photo, and then view it through Mac without additional action. Also with its help it is very convenient to keep various notes that are automatically sent to e-mail.

Apple smartphones for many are so good that they are not ready to change to any other brands. They are attached a lot of various accessories, presented in the form of covers, stations, speakers, accessories. Remember that beautiful forms of the phone require additional protection, so do not be stingy, but buy original and high-quality accessories.

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