What is the difference between Cellular iPads and Cellular iPads?

Posted by: 11.12.2017

Greetings to you dear lovers of technology Apple. In today's short note, I will tell you what Cellular is in an iPad tablet computer.

When choosing a device model, people often compare two iPad models: without Cellular (iPad Wi-) and with Cellular (iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular). In fact, the differences between these two versions of the iPad tablet computer are not that big, but let me tell you and show you in more detail.

The main difference

The main difference between the device without Cellular (iPad Wi-Fi) and with Cellular (iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular). That the first one has access to the Internet only a Wi-fi network is available, while the second type, in addition to the standard Wi-fi network, also has 3G and 4G networks. Thus, having an iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular, you can access the Internet using 3G and 4G networks without being tied to a Wi-Fi access point.

What is Cellular?

As you probably already understood the iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular has a slot for a SIM card. It is a sim card that allows you to work with 3G and 4G networks.

Visual differences

In addition to the main differences between the two versions of the iPad: without Cellular (iPad Wi-Fi) and with Cellular (iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular), these two models also have visual differences. With these differences, you can easily distinguish between the two models.

IPad Differences with and without Cellular Cellular

The Cellular iPad tablet computer model has a black (sometimes white) plastic cover on top of the back cover. Behind this cover there is an antenna with the help of which the data is transmitted and received in the 3G and 4G networks.

With this apparent difference in the appearance of the two devices, you can easily distinguish one from the other. Below you can see the images: on the left - iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular, on the right - iPad Wi-Fi.


If you have an iPad with a black or white cover on the back panel, but you do not have a SIM card slot, then you are the owner of an iPad 2 CDMA. Basically this standard is applied in America, in Russia it is used much less often. In any case, the 2 CDMA 3G and 4G networks are not available on the iPad.


The difference between the two versions of the iPad tablet computer: without Cellular (iPad Wi-fi) and with Cellular (iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular) is not only in the presence of 3G and 4G networks and visual differences. Differences also in the price of devices. Devices with Cellular are much more expensive than devices without Cellular. Therefore, when choosing a version of the iPad, consider whether you need Cellular and whether it is worth paying for it.

That's all for today, I hope you know what Cellular is and how the Cellular iPad version differs from the Cellular-free version. I would be grateful if you leave your opinion about this small material in the form of comments below.

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