Overview of popular book formats for iPad

Posted by: 10.03.2018

IPad Book FormatGreetings to you, happy owners of a tablet computer from Apple - iPad. In today's, undoubtedly, very informative and useful, article we will talk about the formats of e-books that are supported by the tablet computer iPad. In general, I can safely say iPad - supports any format of electronic books, ranging from the most common to the most exotic, the main thing is to choose a special program for reading, which is called Reader.

But, since this question arises more and more often, let's see which format is best for the iPad, which is less acceptable for opening on this device. In this article we will consider and give a description of the most popular and common formats of electronic books. The format description also includes a list of applications that can be used to open it.

So, let's go.


The most suitable format for an iPad tablet computer is ePub, since He, in fact, is native and opens with the help of the program iBooks. This program often comes in a package with the mobile operating system iOS, so that it is likely that you already have it.

In simple terms, the ePub format is the “native” format for all Apple devices, including the iPad tablet computer.. If you have a collection of ePub books or you know a good website where you can download them, use iBooks, if you do not have a link to this program, you can download it here - https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/ibooks/id364709193.


The most popular format of electronic books, for almost all devices, ranging from conventional desktop personal computers to smartphones (for example, iPhone). Electronic books in this format are distinguished by high-quality formatting, the use of pictures and other interesting and useful elements. Books in this format also open perfectly with iBooks, at least I, in order to open this format, use this particular program.


Unlike the previous format, this format is the most popular only on mobile devices. The iBooks program cannot open this format, but a wonderful, free program called KyBook comes to the rescue. It fully supports reading format FB2. You can download the program at this link. https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/kybook-citalka/id673027171?mt=8.


In fact, documents and texts in this format are not electronic books, they are just text, without formatting and illustrations. Reading this format is not always convenient, but sometimes it is possible to open this format on the iPad, it will help you, the same, irreplaceable program - iBooks.


Well, and finally, also one of the popular formats of electronic books. In fact, this format is nothing more than ordinary images (most often scanned books and other manuals, sometimes technical ones) “sewn up” into the format of electronic books. As I said above - this format is most often used for textbooks and various technical literature. The best, in my opinion, free program for reading (reading) this format is the program - Book Reader Lite. You can download it at the link - https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/book-reader-lite/id555987081?mt=8.

Today, this is all, I hope, now you have figured out how to use various formats on your iPad tablet computer, and also find a suitable tool that meets all your requirements..

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