How to import contacts from a mobile device

Posted by: 16.11.2017

Often when updating a phone or tablet, you need to import contacts to a new gadget. Also, this procedure is relevant if you need to make a backup copy of the database.

How to import and export contacts

You can copy information using a personal computer or without it. It is recommended immediately after the purchase of the device to activate in it the corresponding type of mobile account Google or Apple. Then enable data backup to the cloud service. This will allow in case of loss or the need to update the device to quickly copy the base without unnecessary trouble. For older devices, the method of data synchronization using a personal computer is suitable.

Import using PC

The hard disk of the computer is used as data storage. Then the resulting file is transferred to a new device. To transfer your contact list, do the following:

Transfer contacts via computer

  1. Connect the old phone via USB cable to the personal computer. You may have to enable the USB debugging feature on the device in the "Settings" section. New models produce this procedure by default.
  2. Save information in a VCF or CSV file format to disk. The list is stored in the Phonebook folder. If the phone does not support the import and export of contacts in the specified format, then you need to install a specialized program, such as Mobedit or similar, on a personal computer. It will quickly find the desired file and save it in the optimal extension to the target folder.
  3. Connect the cable with a new device and replace the file with the contacts on it. After replacing, you need to restart the phone and check whether all the information was copied to the proper form.

In order not to search for a file in the phone’s memory, you can use specialized software that automatically makes all the settings after the user selects an operation type.

Transferring contacts through phone functionality

There are several alternative ways to import contacts. The most commonly used options are:

Transferring contacts using a smartphone

  1. Use a Google or Apple account to sync a database of multiple devices. To do this, go to the phone's mail and use the import function in the application menu. The phone book will be copied to the account database. After connecting a new device through the account management manager, it will be possible to synchronize data in the database of its users.
  2. Sending by email. You can simply send yourself a file with a contact database in CSV format, and then go from another device to this mailbox. After downloading the information, update it on the new phone.
  3. Using bluetooth. You need to turn on both devices, go to the bluetooth menu, find the device of interest in the list and distribute a file with the necessary information to it. After that, export the phone book using the received data.

If other methods do not work, you can try to save a list of users on the phone's SIM card, and then insert it into a new device and synchronize information. If there is a lot of data, this procedure will have to be performed several times, consistently saving blocks of transferred data to the card. Similarly, you can use an SD card for this procedure, choosing its memory as storage.

Video review of import contacts

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