Solve possible problems connecting iPad to WiFi

Posted by: 10.07.2018

A variety of devices occasionally have problems finding and connecting to wifi networks, and Apple products are no exception.

In this article we will try to consider the main causes of problems with wireless networks in the ipad and describe ways to eliminate such.

Device does not connect to home network

It often happens that the ipad does not connect to its own home network. At the same time in public places there are no problems with connection and search, and at home he sees other people's networks, besides the necessary one. At the same time, a laptop or other devices that support work with wifi networks are successfully connected to your network.

Solution: you need to try to delve into the settings of the router and change the channel or region. These manipulations, as a rule, help to solve this problem. In more detail on the method of switching the channel, we will stop a little further.

The smartphone was brought from the USA, but it does not find a network or does not connect to them.

Devices, the implementation of which was planned in a certain part of the world, in other countries may not work quite correctly, so if the ipad was brought to our country from America, it is quite natural that it does not connect to our networks.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the channel through which our network distributes the Internet. As mentioned above, it is precisely because of it that there may be problems connecting the ipad to wifi networks..

If you take the European region, then it uses 13 channels to work with wireless networks. But on the territory of America there are less such channels on 2 - 11. It turns out that when your router is operating on a 13 or 12 channel, the American ipad may simply not see the Internet it is distributing.

Solve the problem with connecting to the network

According to the factory settings, the router independently performs a search among the channels, choosing the most free. It is possible that during this search the 13 or 12 channel was chosen.

Let's look at an example with a TP-Link router. It should open the settings. If with the opening of the problem settings, look for information in a search engine - there are a dozen of it. Having opened the settings menu, immediately on the main page you will see the channel selected by the router, on which the wifi network is distributed.

iPad does not connect to Wi-Fi

As seen on the screenshot above, the distribution of the Internet to my home network is made on the 4 channel. All ipad devices find this channel, but not the fact that after restarting the router, the channel will not change to 13 or 12, due to the active Auto mode (it searches for a free channel automatically).

To turn off Auto mode, you need to set a static channel in the settings. To do this, find the Wireless tab in the control panel. Then we see the Channel field in which you can specify any desired static channel.

iPad does not connect to Wi-Fi

To save changes, click Save. But the changes will take effect only after restarting the router.

Problems connecting to the network due to an incorrect region

If the above methods did not solve the problem and your ipad does not connect to the network, then it is worth trying to install another region.

To do this, open the familiar Wireless tab in the settings. We are looking for a region. Remember that if the smartphone is from the United States, then it is configured to work in that particular region. Therefore, we try to change the previously defined region to Unated States.

iPad does not connect to Wi-Fi

Most likely, the above manipulations will help solve your problem, but not the fact that this will affect the connection to the home network of other devices.. In this case, you should correctly prioritize and select the device whose connection to the wifi network is most important to you.

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