What can be done if the iPhone does not catch the connection

Posted by: 08.05.2018

Many iPhone users often have the problem of disconnecting the network, which leads many to panic and does not give rest.

You need to restart your smartphone using a deep reboot, for which you will need to press the Home key at the same time as the Shutdown key. The phone may work out due to a complete reset of all network parameters, and updating them, but if this does not happen, you can try several other methods.

Causes and actions in identifying the problem

You need to carefully remove the SIM card and make sure that the contacts are completely clean. They can be blown with compressed air.

Another reason for such a problem may be that many buyers of these phones, without thinking about the consequences at all, can damage the contacts of the SIM card when it is cut. This procedure should be carried out with the help of a specialist in an authorized store.

Another way to restore the connection on the iPhone is to connect to Wi-Fi and set the correct date and time, which can be quickly done in the settings menu. You can try to turn on and off the airplane mode a couple of times, which can often help you out.

IPhone Network

Troubleshoot factory unlock problems

The most common cause of error is unlocking using the Ultrasnow program or updating the firmware to the iPad version. This is not related to the hardware at all, since the error “no network” means that the smartphone accepted the SIM card, but there are obstacles to getting communication in the program structure itself.

One of the most popular and correct solutions to the problem is to reset the network settings through the general settings. You can also try to delete the information, which may lead to damage to the existing program code.

Error when activating-deactivating iPhone 4s through Ultrasnow or SAMPRefs applications

To solve this problem, you will need to insert your SIM card and connect it to the computer with iTunes.. Next, when iTunes determines the phone, you need to make a back-up and click “Restore”. After the recovery process is complete, you will have two functions:

  • Recovery from back-up.
  • Use the iPhone as a new phone.

So, choose the second item. Then you just need to register as usual.

If none of the methods helps

The main thing is that if none of the above procedures helped you, you will have to contact the service center, since the loss of communication is a rather serious and complicated problem that needs to be provided for solving by the real experts.

Indeed, quite often problems with the connection arise due to antenna failure. In this case, for 4, 4s and 5s models, you need to contact the official center, where you can quickly and efficiently replace this antenna.

You should not give the smartphone to third-party organizations, since the IPhone does not catch the network due to the incorrect operation of the internal amplifier. Such a problem did not often occur in 4s, however, in the first batch of the five, it was almost at every turn, which partly led to a decrease in the popularity of models.

Many online services offer network recovery services for iPhone 4s and later versions through an IMEI number. If you unlock a smartphone in this way, you can use SIM cards of any operators on it.

If the cellular operator is blocked in iPhone 4s, 5s, 6, 6s, then you will have to unlock iCloud, which can also be ordered on these resources, and only then purchase the unlock service from the mobile operator.

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    andrew (10.05.2018 16: 06)

    If you are unable to connect to the cellular network on the iPhone, check if the “Cellular Data” function is enabled in the Settings menu “Cellular Communication”