Lack of touch screen reaction of the iPhone to touch

Posted by: 12.12.2017

The most common reason that your gadget does not respond to your touch in any way is the hangup of the smartphone software. Often, the hangs are associated with the TLC NAND Flash budget three-level memory type. Although the amount stored in this memory is larger than in other types, the speed of its operation is not great and is subject to errors.

The result of the iPhone falling on hard surfaces, it is possible the destruction of mechanical or soldered internal connections of the circuit elements. In this case, the smartphone can periodically reboot or hang, which is expressed by the lack of response to touch touch-pad.

And, finally, the second and, unfortunately, universally registered reason for the fact that the screen does not respond is the destruction of the touch screen. To identify this is not difficult, carefully examining (preferably with an increase) the surface of the screen for the presence of chips or cracks.

The first thing that needs to be done is to try to restore the screen response programmatically.

Reset and Reboot

First of all, to eliminate the hang option, you should reboot iPhone turning off and turning on the smartphone. If the device does not respond to a short press, press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. You can also remove the battery for a short time by removing the back panel of the device.

In case of repeated hangs, you have to completely reset the phone settings using the iPhone menu.. However, please note that previously installed applications and settings may disappear.

Previously, for the purity of the experiment, it is recommended to remove the SIM-card, memory card and turn on the smartphone without them.

If does not help

iPhone with a broken screen

The saddest and, unfortunately, the most common reason. Due to the fact that the surface of the iPhone screen occupies almost half the area of ​​the device, it reacts not only to being touched, but also influenced by physical factors: scratches, pressure, impacts, etc.

Even if a preliminary visual inspection for cracks or chips did not give anything, there is always the possibility of moisture getting inside the case. In the case of not taking urgent measures to repair, it will lead to oxidation of the contacts of the loop, the closure of the contact tracks and the failure of the electronics.

If it was not possible to achieve a renewed screen response by software methods, give the iPhone for repair to a service center.

So, I hope now your gadget responds to all your touches. Do not forget to leave a comment.

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