What to do if the iPhone "does not see" the sim card?

Posted by: 07.04.2018

Hello everyone, dear readers. Today I will tell you what to do if suddenly your cool iPhone gadget (4s, 5s, 6) does not see the SIM card inserted in it. This annoying situation can occur for several reasons. Unfortunately, most of them require the intervention of a specialist, but, in principle, you can try to fix everything yourself.

I want to remind you that by doing various manipulations with your iPhone (4s, 5s, 6) you take all the risks upon yourself. With careless use, you can turn your gadget into a brick.

So, if you are more than serious, then it’s time to go over the instructions.

Program crash

You are lucky if the reason that the iPhone (4s, 5s, 6) does not see the SIM card inserted in it will be a software failure. To solve this problem, you only need to reflash the device - instructions here - or roll back to an earlier version of iOS - instructions here.

iPhone is locked

iPhone is locked

Such situations are possible, especially if you buy an iPhone (4s, 5s, 6) not in a specialty store, when the iPhone is locked (locked) to work with a specific mobile operator. This happens rarely, but it still happens. In this case, you have two choices.:

  • Contact any service center (preferably not specialized, which may be handicraft) in order for local specialists to unlock the iPhone;
  • Buy and use special chips for unlock: Turbo SIM, Gevery SIM, R-SIM. It's easy to use them.

SIM card

Faced such situations when the device does not see the SIM card due to the fact that the latter is badly and carelessly cut. iPhone 4s - micro-Sim, iPhone 5 and above - nano-Sim. The problem is solved very simply - go to any communication lounge and you will be cut off the sim card as needed for 10 (approximately).

SIM card sizes

Mechanical damage, water ingress, etc.

It may also happen that the gadget does not see the SIM card due to damage: drops, water ingress, etc. In this case, you do not have anything left, how to immediately take your mobile device to a service center. I do not advise to dig myself. the likelihood that you make it even worse tends to be one hundred percent.

Today I have everything, if one of the suggested methods helped you, then share it in the comments to this article..

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