How to format the SD card yourself

Posted by: 01.01.2018

SD card is a memory card used in modern mobile devices as an additional storage medium. If necessary, users can format the memory card directly through the menu of a smartphone or other mobile device. In addition, the formatting of the flash drive can be done on the computer.

how to format sd card

Formatting the SD drive in Android

Before formatting a USB flash drive, it must be inserted into a mobile device. To do this, remove the back cover of the smartphone, and then carefully remove the battery. After that, you can insert a microSD memory card or other type of drives into the appropriate slot.


When the device is turned on, the user needs to enter the menu. After that you need to click on the icon "Gearwheels"For Android, this is a common icon. On some models of smartphones, the menu may have the inscription "Settings"Or"Settings».


In the next step, click on the caption: “Memory". It is important to note that the name of the menu may differ from the version of Android. In any case, you need to look for a section containing the word “Memory"Or"storage"For the English version.

how to format a memory card on android

In the menu that opens, you can see detailed information about the memory card, namely:

  • Card type;
  • Total volume of the card;
  • Free memory.

On the same page, you can format the flash drive. To do this, you must select "Card format". In the English version can be the inscription "shape SD card».

format sd card

Before formatting the memory card on a mobile phone, the user will need to confirm the action. In the form that appears, just click on the "delete everything».

After completing the procedure, the card will be cleared, and its file system will become FAT32. Having figured out how to format a memory card on Android, you can quickly clean up the drive.

Formatting on a Windows Phone Phone

Many popular smartphones work on an operating system like Windows Phone. To format an SD card in this OS, you need to log into “Settings". The icon can be placed on the main screen or in installed programs.

how to clean

When the menu opens, you need to find among the entire list of settings "storage Sense". In the Russian version can be written "Storage».

As soon as the application starts, you will need to select the "Phone memory". It is located between "Резервное копирование"And"Charge savings". After opening the phone's memory, the user will see the information about the SD card.

Since the user needs to format the memory card, go to the “SD-map". It is important to note that before cleaning the media, it is recommended to make a backup of important applications and documents. Then select the option “Format the card". To confirm the operation, you need to click on the "Yes" button.

After completion of the procedure, the formatted disk is automatically detected by the device.

Formatting a flash drive from a computer

Each user should know how to format the SD card using a computer controlled by the Windows OS. First you need to remove the card from the smartphone, and then insert it into the built-in or external card reader.

When the SD card is determined by a computer or laptop, the user needs to go to "My Computer"(In Windows 8 and higher"This computer"). When the window opens, the user will see the connected devices, including the memory card. To format a removable disk, you must press RMB on it. In the context menu that opens, select “Format».


After a second, a form will open in which you can see:

  • The volume of the carrier;
  • File system (can be changed by the user);
  • The size of the distribution unit.

Before you clean the media, you must decide on the file system. For smaller SD cards, the best option is to choose FAT32. If desired, you can specify a volume label (the specified name will be displayed next to the assigned media letter).

In most cases, users choose quick formatting (clearing the table of contents). In order to prevent the possibility of recovering deleted files, you should select the complete deletion of files (in this case, the jackdaw is not set). To begin the process of formatting, you need to click on the "Start" button.

When formatting is complete, the SD card is removed from the card reader and then placed on the mobile device.

Formatting error and how to fix it

Sometimes users may face the fact that the card is not formatted. In this case, during the execution of the procedure, the error “Unable to complete formatting” appears. After that, the memory card becomes inactive, that is, files cannot be added to it.

The reason for this error is due to problems with the media itself. Do not be discouraged, since you can cope with this problem with a Windows computer or specialized programs.

Disk Management

Many users do not know what an unpleasant consequence is, as the failure of the SD card can be fixed with the help of disk management. To run the application, you must use the key combination Win + R. In the form that opens, you should register the command: “diskmgmt.msc”.

After a few minutes, Disk Management will open. You need to select the SD card, and then click on it RMB. In the menu that opens, select “Formatting».


In the event that the disk will have the status "Not distributed, You need to create a simple volume. In most cases, this procedure allows you to restore the drive.

Format via command line

In that case, if all the above methods did not correct the error and the disk was not formatted, you must use the command line. First you need to run the application to open any files and programs. In the window that opens, enter the command “CMD”.

When the console starts, the user will need to enter the command “format #:", Instead of" # "you must specify the letter of the removable disk. It should be noted that the formatting procedure is recommended to perform in safe mode.

cmd format

In 90% of cases, the SD card will be restored and cleaned. If this procedure did not help, you need to use specialized programs.


Sometimes users may encounter a situation where none of the methods can cope with the task. In this case, it remains only to use the specialized software developed by manufacturers of SD-cards.

Users can download the following programs:

  • JetFlash Online Recovery;
  • D-Soft Flash Doctor;
  • Flashnul

Each program is unique, so it is recommended to study the functionality of each application. It is important to remember that utilities are best downloaded from official sites, so as not to "infect" the computer with viruses.

Video instruction for formatting an SD card


Even a novice user can handle the formatting process. First, it is recommended to format the SD card directly from the mobile device. In other ways it is best to use only if the formatting of the disk by the mobile device was completed with an error.

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