How to send free SMS from a computer

Posted by: 08.08.2018

Today, few people imagine a full life without correspondence with friends. Often this function is performed using a variety of instant messengers that work through the Internet. However, sometimes you may need to send a plain text message to your phone. In this case, you can not always pay the operator for sending such an SMS. In this article we will look at how to send a message from computer to phone using the most common methods.

1 method. Operator's site

The first method is the easiest, but sometimes you have to search. Where exactly is the required function on the site? The fact is that most operators have provided the ability to send messages to their subscribers for free through the corporate website. To do this, you only need to know which operator’s subscriber is the subscriber, and fill in the appropriate form.

sending from the operator site

For. so that users do not abuse this feature, operators usually limit the ability to send up to several messages per day from a single IP address. By the way, many foreign operators also have this function, so you can send messages to your friends who live abroad.

2 method. Installation of additional programs

There is software, often distributed free of charge, that performs the same functions. Its convenience is that you do not need to select a provider and look for the site address. Simply enter the phone number and the message text itself, and the program will automatically select the desired address and send it. Sometimes you may need to enter a captcha, depending on the precautions working on the operator’s corporate website.

isendsms window

The advantage of this method is simplicity; however, when searching for and installing such software, be vigilant, since there are a large number of programs that supposedly perform this function, and in fact are viral software. Because of this, download programs only from trusted sources.

3 method. Sending messages via email

Few people know, but often you can send an SMS from a regular e-mail box. Most operators have an address for each number provided in the format “number @ address of corporate_site”, when sending a letter to which it is sent to the addressee in the form of an ordinary SMS. In order to find out if a particular operator has such an opportunity, use the search or call the hotline.

sending sms from e-mail

The advantage of this method is the complete anonymity of sending, if it is made from a new box. In addition, this way you can arrange even sending messages to a certain circle of people, for example, your customers, and absolutely free.

4 method. Sending through online services

Also quite simple, but effective method. His work is often somewhat similar to the principle of programs installed on a computer for sending messages, the only difference being that there is no need to install anything. It is enough to open the site, which contains a variety of options for sending messages, and select the appropriate one. Depending on how such a site was created, it can either redirect directly to the operator pages for sending messages, or send them directly from its form.

Whatever method you choose, you can always send a free message to any person you need, even if he does not have internet at this moment.

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