Connecting iPad to TV, easy and practical

Posted by: 20.09.2018

For owners of this class of devices, it is sometimes important to get reliable instructions on how to connect an iPad to a TV. Even despite the relatively high mobility, there may be a situation in which you want to view information material directly from a large screen.

To do this, you can use two devices that are selected depending on the specific factors of operation.

Lightning class digital adapter

One of the easiest and most original ways to connect a device to a TV will be the Lightning adapter, which is used specifically to connect iPad, iPhone devices to the TV. A feature of this product will be the presence at one end of the HDMI input, through which the connection of the charger located in the design of the gadget is provided.

Thus, both the equipment connection and the charging of the mobile device itself can be performed simultaneously..

Lightning class digital adapter

Switching is carried out via the TV remote control; this is how the broadcasting process from an external type HDMI cable is carried out. As soon as such a connection is made, you can observe on the screen a fully mirror image of the existing image on the mobile device. That is important, the image is displayed, and in particular the video, with a resolution of the order of 1080р.

Only it is worth considering that this requires the obligatory presence of an HDMI cable, through which new possibilities become open.. In particular, this is a unique opportunity to hold presentations of your own works and projects on the TV screen, to dub individual running applications. Also, with the help of a cable and an adapter, the function of playing previously created slide shows and playing modern games becomes available.

However, it should be noted, and some complexity, the technical point. Separate applications for an unknown reason are not able to fill the TV screen completely, which will not allow to display them to the volume, as required. If this happens, you should not despair, you can simply try to switch playback to another browser, or launch another application, if there is an alternative.



As a backup option, you can use a Chromecast device, similar to a USB flash drive and connected to a TV in a special connector.


It will be necessary to additionally use the user a special application, after which the picture or, the video is transmitted to the corresponding TV, as originally planned.

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