Is it possible and how to effectively connect a USB flash drive to the iPad

Posted by: 09.06.2018

Can I connect a USB flash drive to an Ipad, Iphone?

The need to quickly transfer files from one device to another using a flash drive appears from many owners of the iPad and iPhone. To solve this problem of connecting third-party devices - give the opportunity for special devices.

Using the docking port adapters, you can free up memory on your ipad by transferring the video footage to a USB flash drive.

Also, it is possible to connect a scanner, external hard drive, keyboard, printer, camera, USB hub and other devices that are compatible with a tablet or smartphone at the program level.

Connection Process

So, how to connect a USB flash drive to the ipad? One of the main reasons why the iPad is not able to replace the laptop is the inability to connect a USB flash drive. Apple does not approve the data is valid and is trying in every way to prevent users from trying to connect peripheral devices to their products. But despite this, on the shelves of the company for sale Camera Connection Kit.

Camera Connection Kit

At the very beginning, this set of two adapters was designed to connect the camera or a memory card to the ipod. As planned by Apple, using this device you will be able to transfer supported photo and video formats to your tablet. The following restrictions come out of standard positioning::

  • Files can only be copied to the tablet.
  • Video and photo files are supported (i.e., those that iPad reads without jailbreak).
  • During the copying process, the photos are “cropped” (this process may be well known to anyone who wanted to import content onto gadgets from iOS.
  • Of course, you can connect a USB flash drive to an ipod, but with such flaws, the product does not look very attractive, but a great jailbreak can work wonders. With the help of Cydia tweak, which is called iFile, you can achieve much better effect.

So, we start to connect the USB flash drive:

In Cydia, download iFile (available in multiple repositories, for example,
After respring and installation, connect the Camera Connection Kit to your iPad and insert the USB flash drive. It should be noted that in recent times there have been many copies of this device, which sometimes surpass the original.

How to connect a USB flash drive to iPad

Then you can wait a bit until “The attached USB device is not supported.” Appears, then click “Dismiss”.

Start the iFile program and wait until it appears on the screen as a new removable drive.

How to connect a USB flash drive to iPad


Remember that through the Camera Connection Kit you can connect not only flash drives. Also, you can connect the keyboard and other devices (if they are supported by iPad) USB. It is difficult to say something about compatibility, since the method is considered unofficial and each individual device must be tried.

According to reviews of random users, it can be concluded that many managed to connect USB hubs and even external hard drives. At the same time, others noticed failures in working with flash drives of several gigabytes, accompanied by reports of a lack of power.

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