How can I call from the tablet

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With the development of information technology, not only smartphones began to appear on the market, but also tablets. Such devices allow you to view videos, watch and take photos, as well as “surf” the Internet. Thus, the tablet computer is able to replace an ordinary smartphone. Calls from the tablet, this is the only thing that prevents him from becoming a full-fledged replacement for the phone. In connection with this, a natural question arises, is it possible to somehow call from such a device?

how to call from tablet

How can I call from the tablet

Despite the variety of tablets, users can make calls from any of these devices, if necessary. Before you learn how to call, you need to understand what technology is such an opportunity. In order for a tablet as a phone to call, it must have:

  • Sim card (of any operator);
  • Internet (most often Wi-Fi).

It does not matter what technology will be used by the owner of the smartphone. Of course, each method has its own characteristics and disadvantages, so you need to carefully study them.

Calls via GSM network

On the market you can find tablets that have a slot for a SIM card. This connector allows you to insert a SIM card of any operator. It should be noted that there are exceptions and devices are stitched in such a way that they can only call from SIM cards owned by a particular company. If desired, and specialized programs tablets can be reflash. Thanks to this, you can use any SIM cards.

tablet as a phone

It is important to note that it is not always possible to call via a SIM card. The problem is supported standards. Currently operators can be used:

  • GSM;
  • CDMA;
  • UMTS;
  • LTE.

The most popular standard is GSM. It is supported by all popular mobile operators.

In the event that the tablet supports CDMA, even after installing the SIM card, the device owners will not be able to call. That is why when buying a tablet computer, it is important to familiarize yourself with its characteristics. For people who do not understand communication standards, it’s enough when you buy a device, ask the consultant for a tablet from which to call.

After installing the SIM card, you need to enter the settings of the mobile device, and then turn on the scanner of available networks. It is worth noting that in most cases, the tablet independently determines the GSM standard. The owner of the device will only find the handset icon in the main menu. After that, you just need to enter the phone number and press the call.

Call programs

Unfortunately, unlike the phone, on some tablet computers there is no possibility to install a SIM card. How to call from the tablet if it does not have a SIM card slot? Do not be upset, because on such devices there is a wireless connection module - Wi-Fi.

After connecting to the Internet, users can download the program to make calls from the tablet. It is worth noting that there are a dozen applications that allow you to call from a tablet computer. The most popular "dialers" include:

  • Skype;
  • Roamer;
  • Viber.

Each program is unique and has certain features. It should be noted that all of them are installed on Android.


Can I call via the Internet? Of course, you only need to install a program on the tablet such as Skype. It can be downloaded from the official site or Google Play. It is enough to specify “Skype” in the search. After downloading and installing the application, users need to register an account.

calls from the tablet

After logging in to the program, it is recommended to add contacts with whom you can call back. It is important to note that Skype allows you to call not only subscribers of your network, but also to ordinary (mobile and landline) numbers. To make a call to the phone, you need to deposit. This can be done using electronic money or a bank card.

Call rates can be found on the official website. Prices may vary, so it is recommended to periodically check the adjustments in the price list.

The application allows users to:

  • Correspond;
  • Send various kinds of files;
  • Create group chat;
  • To hold a video conference;
  • Call mobile and landline phones.

For users choosing Skype for calls, it is recommended to choose a tariff plan, according to which it will be advantageous to call to one or another country.


Going on a trip or a business trip, it is recommended to use the program Roamer, which can be installed on the tablet. Thanks to the application, users will not only be able to call phone numbers, but also save on roaming.

program for calls from the tablet


  • Binding to a real number;
  • Work with voice mail;
  • Calls to real numbers;
  • Operates in 200 countries;
  • Support Android and iOS.

Users can purchase a prepaid package or simply replenish their personal account.


One of the best alternatives to Skype, installed on the tablet. The application can be found on Google Play or on the official website. How to call from tablet using Viber? It's simple, you need to install the application, and then add new contacts.

tablet from which you can call

The advantages of Viber include:

  • Send free messages;
  • Creating a group chat;
  • Calls via the Internet;
  • Record 30 second clip;
  • Sending any type of file.

The program is easily installed on any mobile device. It does not matter which operating system is installed on the tablet.


To make it easier to call from the tablet, it is recommended to initially purchase a device that has a connector with a SIM card. In the event that it is not possible to choose such a tablet computer, then it is best to pay attention to the Skype program or its analogs. The application not only allows you to make calls, but also send messages, as well as exchange files.

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