How to properly glue the protective film on the smartphone

Posted by: 03.04.2018

The film on the screen of your smartphone is a reliable protection against scratches. And sometimes from falls. Wear resistance depends on its quality, and on how it is glued, the overall appearance of the phone. This article is devoted to detailed instructions on how to properly stick a protective film on the phone so that it is almost invisible, but at the same time it completely fulfilled its function.

Film selection

Do not think that all films are the same. They have different thickness, light conductivity, and other factors. Affect the comfort of the device. The appearance and the sensitivity of the sensor depend on the thickness of the film. The presence of oleophobic coating will not wipe the display regularly smartphone, because it will not remain prints. A matte surface will allow you to fight glare.

Therefore, before you stick the film on the phone and choosing it, do not focus only on the cost, looking for where it is cheaper. Your smartphone is the primary means of communication, and sometimes a professional tool, so you should not save on it. By choosing a high-quality film, you can also be sure that it will not be scratched on the very first day of use.

Preparing for sticking

For sticking film is best to choose a flat workplace, cleaned from dust. It is best to remove the dust with a damp cloth so that it does not remain at all, and it does not fall under the adhesive film. Reinsure against the appearance of fingerprints - if you do not have thin gloves, then just wash your hands with soap and water. Prepare a card made of cardboard, rubber or plastic with a smooth edge that will be used to smooth the film. It can be a recharge card, a bank card or even a rubber trowel. All these tools should also be wiped from dust. To finally overcome the dust and decide how to stick the film on a smartphone without it, you can use an air humidifier or a steam generator. The dust in this case absorbs moisture and crumbles, not remaining in the air and not interfering with the process.

step by step instructions film sticking

After that, clean the screen of your smartphone from contamination by applying a special tool and a microfiber dust-free cloth. Often it comes with either the display cleaner itself or the film. In no case do not use aggressive substances, such as alcohol or gasoline.

Smoothly wipe the entire display of your smartphone, removing any dirt from it, whether it be prints, debris or dust. After that, rub the screen to shine, and make sure that it does not hit other rubbish. Now you can proceed to the label.

Film sticking

There is nothing difficult in the sticky itself. Carefully remove the protection from the bottom, adhesive layer of the film. Attach it to the edge of the display and align so that all the holes match. If suddenly you slightly glue the film unevenly, do not worry - gently lift the glued area and align it.

After the film is located exactly above the display, release it and let it calmly align with the surface of the display. In this case, most likely, air bubbles will remain under it. This is not a problem - they can be easily eliminated with a pre-prepared card. With slow movements from the center to the edges, move them without applying great effort. Thus, you completely smooth the film, and it will become almost imperceptible.

bubble removal

Finally, you can wipe the film completely with a cloth slightly moistened with a tool for cleaning displays. Now you have a perfect-looking smartphone that has been protected from scratches and falls.

What to do if you find trash after sticking

Sometimes a speck of dust or other debris can get right during the sticking of the film, despite the fact that you have prepared a high-quality display of your smartphone. Panic is not worth it, and money is not wasted. The main thing in this situation is to immediately carry out several manipulations to eliminate garbage. You should not try to pry the film with your fingernail and remove the mote with it - the film will change its shape from this and will not stick properly, which will lead to its rapid failure.

peeling film

The best solution is to use adhesive tape. Sometimes it is already included with the film. If it is not there, the usual stationery tape will do. Take a piece of it, stick it to the film from the mote and gently, using it as a pen, lift the film over the display. As a result, you will have access to the mote. It is best to remove it, too, with the help of tape, collecting adhesive basis. After that, glue the film back, repeating the procedure to eliminate air bubbles, if necessary.

Now you know how to attach a protective film to a smartphone without any extra expenses or nerves, protecting it from damage and extending its service life, as well as making its use more pleasant and comfortable.

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