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Posted by: 16.04.2018

If your iPad or iPod touch is password protected, then if you enter the wrong password repeatedly, it will be disabled for a certain time. To protect yourself in this situation - find out what you need to do if you have forgotten your password, or a message appears on the screen about disconnecting the device.

If you entered the wrong password more than five times in a row, the device will block and one of the following messages will appear:

  • Disabled: iPad;
  • Disabled: iPhone;
  • Disabled: iPod touch.

What to do in a similar situation? If you don’t remember your password and you can’t guess what to do, you’ll need to delete information from your device using iTunes, such as the Find iPhone feature or the recovery mode. Also, if you do not understand what to do, restore the device and content settings from the backup.

Using iTunes

If your iPad was previously synced with iTunes, you can restore it..

  • Connect the device to your computer with which you synchronize.
  • Next, open the iTunes application. If iTunes asks for a password, but it has been forgotten and you are not able to realize what to do, try to perform this procedure on another computer that was synchronized. In addition, to unlock your ipad, you can use the recovery mode. So, to unlock your ipad, follow this sequence of actions.
  • ITunes automatically synchronizes all the necessary device data and can create a backup copy of it. In case this didn’t happen for some reason, try to sync device data using iTunes.
  • Next, after the end of synchronization, restore your ipod.

After that, if the password is forgotten and you cannot realize what to do when the iOS Assistant asks you to set up the device, click “Restore from a copy of iTunes”.

Next, to unlock ipad, select your device in iTunes, and then select the last backup (backup) copy of the data.

Find iPhone function

  • If the function “Find iPhone” is working on the device in active mode, you can use it to quickly erase data.
  • To unlock your device, go online to icloud.com/#find to see if the “Find iPhone” option works on your device.
  • Next, click the opening list "All devices" at the top of the browser window to unlock your ipad.
  • If you did everything right, then in the field that appears, click "Erase [device]". This will remove the password and data from the device.
  • Not sure what to do, but the password was forgotten? To restore the password, use the setup assistant on your device to return information from the last backup.

Using Recovery Mode

If you forgot your password, and your device has never been synced with iTunes before, and you can't figure out what to do, and the option “Find iPhone” has not been previously configured or you do not have access to a PC, perform the actions below.

  • Next, disconnect all cables from the device.
  • Turn it off.
  • Click the "Home" button. While holding this button, connect your iPod to iTunes. If the device fails to turn on automatically, turn it on manually. Continue holding the “Home” button until the “Connect to iTunes” screen appears.
  • Click “OK” and restore the device.
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